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Book Information
Added by Tamriel_Data
ID T_Bk_BirdgoblinsSHOTN
Value 25 Weight 3
Found in the following locations:
The Bird-Goblins
A song about fearsome goblins with bird-like features

'Neath the trees,

'Neath the ground,

Making nary a sound,

The Bird-Goblins come out to play.


Flash of feather

Flash of claw

Too mad to withdraw,

The Bird-Goblins have come today.


Keep away, my sons,

Though there are fewer,

They are not the green ones

Who live in the sewer.


They’re clever and cruel,

Tall and pale-faced,

Sons of Hadhuul

Should you see one, make haste!


Dear old Colovia

Is not nearly as dear

When the Wild Elves

Of ald-Cyrod draw near.


The Bird-Goblins are here to stay.