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Leveled Lists are lists of items whose contents are determined by the player's level as well as random chance. They allow treasure to be variable instead of fixed. The lists can contain individual items but can also contain other leveled lists, enabling a wide variety of items to appear in loot.

Each list has several variables associated with it.

  • Calculate for All Levels indicates that all items in the list are calculated; any item at a level up to your level can be chosen. Otherwise, only items with the highest level at or below your level will be found.
  • Calculate for Each Item indicates that there is a chance of finding each item on the list. Otherwise, only one will be chosen.
  • Chance of Nothing indicates chance of finding nothing. For items with the Each option, this chance is applied to all items in the list.

Tamriel_Data uses leveled lists extensively so their contents have been split across several pages:

Leveled lists added by Tamriel_Data's dependent mods are listed on the pages below:

Province: Cyrodiil currently does not add any leveled lists.