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Book Information
Added by Tamriel_Data
ID T_Bk_DalgorJournalTR
Value 250 Weight 3
Spell Dalgor's Entwining
Found in the following locations:
  • Only found in random loot
Dalgor's Journal, Part I
A thief robs an Indoril lord in Dragon Glade

[This notebook appears to be a thief's journal, including notes about crime sites, loot and escape methods. Aside from the value as evidence, parts worth noting consider descriptions of unusual situations and interesting spell formulas crafted for exacting situations.]

25, Last Seed

Many times have I had quarrel with Renil Osalar for using needless spells during missions. They say, just get the job done and get out with a Recall or perhaps an Intervention spell. Alas, sad are the times when a man is not allowed to do his job as he sees fit but be restrained by artificial rules and mindless leaders! But there is no need to obey, for the elders shall not renew his leadership. Renil is but an errand boy and claimed his position by luck and bribes, nothing else.

2, Hearthfire

I was counseled by the Grandmaster in his chamber. He agreed on what I had foreseen - I will overthrow Renil from power as the local guildmaster, on the condition that until the New Life Festival I shall do his bidding. I see that tension fosters the chances of us being exposed but 'tis a long time to tolerate such incompetence!

14, Hearthfire

I have been set a task by Renil to acquire a supposed artifact from the vault of Lord Indoril Pyoris. His manor is not an ordinary one by security, for there are rumors that the house is sealed from intervention magicka! How is one supposed to escape by any of the so-called traditional means enforced by Renil? Even if one could escape, the location of the estate has been chosen wisely. In the middle of Dragon Glade and without fences or walls, so that anyone can notice unusual action. Truly, this poses a great danger but also a challenge.

17, Hearthfire

Upon receiving the layout to Pyoris's Manor, I studied it in depth and noticed that there were multiple layers on the walls. The inner layer is made of ebony and even the dimmest of a Nord knows that ebony holds great magickal potential. I discussed with Renil about the matter and he agreed to aid me. He may not be much of a leader, but certainly capable of sneaking about even on lighted surfaces. We shall proceed tomorrow to the vault.

28, Hearthfire

A disaster.

We had found two keys and got into the chamber and I threw a blind spell at the house guard inside the vault but someone, most likely Pyoris himself, had woken up and noticed that no key was by his bed. Alarm was screamed for and the other three guards came directly towards us. While Renil was holding the door, I looted the jewelry and picked the lock of the chest. Inside I found two brilliantly forged glass pauldrons that were partially covered in a leather wrapping. Not in a situation to start wearing them, I rushed to the door and took cover in the open side of the door.

Renil was hidden behind the door that the guards opened, and one of them rushed straight through. Before he had a chance to take a look at me, I slipped through the door past him and got to the ledger room where two other guards stood, guarding the entrance. I backed to the wall and the guards attacked at once. Jinkblade did the trick for the first one and the distraction gave me just enough time to dodge the other guard's immense slash. On the stairway up, Pyoris was waiting, already equipped a wakizashi and some kind of amulet in his hand. I turned around, threw my lock spell at the vault door and cast invisibility. I bumped into Pyoris along the way, but he did not have time to react as I ran as fast as I could. I transported to safety with a help of Recall when I left the ebony boundaries of the house.

It seems that the pauldrons are enchanted in some way to hold the puzzling smith's work. Never before have I seen such pauldrons. Solid without the glass spikes holding the structure together.

I'm certain of the power of my spell. It will hold the guards and Renil inside until a true master like Ekash is summoned to Dragon Glade. I doubt he would bother paying a visit to such an unimportant town on such a trivial matter.