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Aloe Vera Pulp
Aloe Vera Pulp
Value 20 Weight 0.2
Alchemy Effects
1st Restore Fatigue Restore Fatigue
2nd Resist Common Disease Resist Common Disease
3rd Night Eye Night Eye
4th Cure Poison Cure Poison
# Samples 26
Plant Aloe Vera  % 70
# Plants 99
Aloe Vera Pulp

Aloe Vera Pulp comes from the aloe vera plant that grows in Colovia, Hammerfell, and Elsweyr. Its leaves have alchemical properties, but when the whole plant is crushed into a thick paste you obtain a pulp with even more interesting qualities. Aloe vera pulp is used in many remedies against diseases and poisons, so it is a common import from Cyrodiil.

Guaranteed samples can be found in the following locations:

It is also found in the following leveled lists: