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Morrowind mod and save files use the same basic format of records and subrecords.


Following is a collection of rough notes on file format records and subrecords.

  • Organization is by Record, then subrecord, the subrecord notes.

PGRD (Path Grid)[edit]

(Follows a CELL record)

    • 4 bytes String = "PGRD"
    • 4 bytes long = size of record (excluding 16 bytes of header)
    • 4 bytes unknown (useless?)
    • 4 bytes unknown (useless?)

  • DATA
    • 4 bytes String = "DATA"
    • 4 bytes long = size of sub-record (excluding 8 bytes of header)
    • 4 bytes (signed) Int = Cell's X co-ordinates (for exteriors ... for interiors == 0)
    • 4 bytes (signed) Int = Cell's Y co-ordinates (for exteriors ... for interiors == 0)
    • 2 bytes unknown
    • 2 bytes short = (? multiple of ?)total number of number of points in the path grid.

  • NAME
    • 4 bytes String = "NAME"
    • 4 bytes long = size of record (excluding 8 bytes of header)
    • (variable) bytes String = Cell Name. The string length is equal to the sub-record's size (listed above). The string is terminated with an unrecognized character (maybe used to put an asterisk(*) for mods.

  • PGRP (Path Grid Points)
    • 4 bytes String = "PGRP"
    • 4 bytes long = size of sub-record (excluding 8 bytes of header)

--- Repeating structure for each point in cell's pathgrid ----

    • 4 bytes long = X-Position of point
    • 4 bytes long = Y-Position of point
    • 4 bytes long = Z-Position of point
    • 4 bytes unknown (possibly flag for coloring\user-placed vs auto-generated)


      • The positions for Path Grid Points are whole numbers (long) and not floating point numbers, unlike the positions of objects in the CELL records.

  • PGRC (Path Grid Edges\Links)
    • 4 bytes String = "PGRP"
    • 4 bytes long = size of sub-record (excluding 8 bytes of header)

--- Repeating structure for each link in cell's pathgrid ----

    • 4 bytes long = index of point (0 stands for the first point in the above (PGRP) structure 1 for the next and so on. A typical structure for 3 inter-linked points (triangle) would be 1,2,0,2,1,2 which means that 1 is joined to 2, 2 is joined to 0, 0 is joined to 2,two is joined to 1, 1 is joined to 2).



  • CNAM (Cell Name)
    • Used after a MVRF
  • MPDT (Map Data: x,y,z floats) [ESS]
  • MPNT (Map Note, String) [ESS]
  • MVRF (Move Reference) [ESS,ESP]
    • Signifies that the reference has been moved to another cell.
    • If moved to an interior cell is followed by CNAM. (And other times? I forget.)
    • Found frequently in ESS files as creatures and NPCS move (or are moved) from their original.
    • Can also be found (very rarely) in an esp if the esp moves a reference from a master file.
  • NAM8 (Visibility Map) [ESS]
  • NAM0 (Normal Objects Count, Long) [ESM,ESP]
    • ESM/ESPs only.
    • Corresponds to __TEMP_REFS___ line
    • Count of non "reference persists" objects in cell
    • Appears between "persistent" and non-"persistent" objects
  • ZNAM (Disabled: 1 byte) [ESS?]
    • Probably presence is enough.
    • Byte always == 0?


  • NAME: NOT zero terminated!
  • BNAM: NOT zero terminated!

NPCC (NPC Contents)[edit]

  • NPDT
    • Bytes 0-1: Base disposition
    • Bytes 2-3: Flag? values: {0,2,4,8,10,14}
    • Bytes 4-8: Index number
  • SLCS (script variable ?)
  • WIDX (Wear index: index of items within the list that are worn)
    • But why 8 bytes???
  • XCHG (Charge? float)
  • XIDX (Subindex of NPCO, precedes greater detail)
  • XHLT (Health)
    • Format (integer or float) depends on type of item.
  • XSOL (Soul gem contained creature, zero terminated string creature id)

SCPT (Global Script)[edit]

  • SCHD (Script Header)
  • SLCS (?: 3 ints?)
    • Always present?
  • SLFD (Float Data: 4 bytes x num of floats)
  • SLSD (Short Data 2 bytes x num of shorts)
  • RNAM (Reference)
    • Reference object for global script. Same format as CELL.FRMR.