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A console with many useful commands can be invoked by pressing the tilde (`) key during DFU gameplay. Users with certain keyboard layouts may need to place the tilde key somewhere on their layout.

Some mods may add more console commands not listed here.

Command Purpose Example
activate Triggers an action object, such as a remotely-opened door in a dungeon. Overrides normal preventive measures to opening. activate
add Adds certain items to the inventory. Uses the following categories: book, weapon, armor, cloth, ingr, relig, soul, gold, magic, drug, map, torch. add 3 weapon
addArtifact Adds one of the game's epic artifacts to the inventory. Artifact numbers can be found in /DaggerfallUnity_Data/StreamingAssets/Tables/Quests-Items.txt addartifact 12
addpopuptext Floods the screen with a repeating "Message #" up to the number specified by the player addpopuptext 600
addspellbook Adds a spellbook to the inventory if there is none. addspellbook
cm Creates a mob (enemy entity) of a certain type onto a certain team. If no team argument, default team. Team 1 is allied with player. Enemy type numbers can be found in /DaggerfallUnity_Data/StreamingAssets/Tables/Quest-Foes.txt cm 3 1
diseaseplayer Gives the player a disease using numbers 1 through 16, or vampire. In the future werewolf/wereboar infection will also be possible. Does not override disease immunity on level 1 characters. diseaseplayer 9
dumpblock Debug tool to save block information to a json file. The information is saved to the Daggerfall Unity persistent data path. dumpblock
dumpbuilding Debug tool to save information about the building you're in to a json file dumpbuilding
dumplocblocks Debug tool to dump the names or locations of blocks of each location. dumplocblocks
enddebugquest Wipes out the quest currently shown in the quest debugger. The game will proceed as though the quest never existed, not giving reputation or material rewards. enddebugquest
endquest Wipes out the designated quest. The game will proceed as though the quest never existed, not giving reputation or material rewards. endquest a0c41y18
execute Developer tool to compile source files and create objects from the Streaming Assets folder of the Daggerfall Unity installation. execute Script01.cs
getallquestitems Puts into the inventory a copy of all items referenced by any running quests. Some quests might not behave properly after this is run. getallquestitems
getlocpixel Tells the X and Y coordinates on the world map for a location. getlocpixel Daggerfall/Aldingwall
groundme Puts your character back on solid ground, if floating in void or other bad location. Only works indoors. groundme
guildjoin Adds your character to one of the game's guilds. This command uses the internal naming system for the guilds, so the Thieves Guild is "GeneralPopulace". Other guild names can be found in GuildManager.cs guildjoin DarkBrotherHood
guildrank Raises or lowers your rank in a guild you belong to. Your reputation in the guild will change to ((rank)x10). guildrank FightersGuild 6
help Display the list of available commands or details about a specific command. help
ingredUsage Records in the debug log how many recipes are possible with ingredients ingredusage
killall Kills any enemies, including quest foes, in the current location. killall
levitate Start or stop levitating. As with the levitate spell, incompatible with set_runspeed. levitate on
load Developer tool used to load scenes from a list of levels. load scene
location Send the player to one of various predefined locations, such as Daggerfall City, Privateer's Hold, Direnni Tower, or any random place. Use "location" to see the list. location 3
map_hideall Wipes every segment in the dungeon from your automap, starting it anew. This effect will carry over if the game is saved. map_hideall
map_hidebuildings Reverts map_revealbuildings map_hidebuildings
map_hidelocations Reverts map_reveallocations map_hidelocations
map_revealall Reveals the whole dungeon automap map_revealall
map_revealbuildings Temporarily annotates the name of all buildings in the town's map, excluding ordinary residences. All buildings in all towns will be annotated until game exit or revert. map_revealbuildings
map_reveallocation Permanently reveals an unvisited location on the travel map map_reveallocation Dragontail_Mountains Scourg_Barrow
map_reveallocations Temporarily reveals all undiscovered locations on the travelmap map_reveallocations
map_teleportmode toggles (enables or disables) debug teleport mode (Control+Shift+Left Mouse Click on a dungeon segment will teleport player to it) map_teleportmode
modnpcrep Modify reputation with last NPC clicked by a positive or negative amount. Clamped at -100 through 100
nt Toggle NoTarget mode nt
openalldoors Opens all doors in an interior or dungeon, regardless of locked state
opendoor Opens a single door the player is looking at, regardless of locked state opendoor
playflc Play the specified .FLC file
playvid Play the specified .VID file
poisonplayer poisonplayer index (a number 0-11)
print_legalrep Output current legal status and reputation value for all regions
purgeallquests Immediately tombstones all quests then removes from quest machine. Does not issue rewards.
QUIT Quit the application.
reroll_maxhealth Repair permanently reduced maximum health caused by a level-up bug in 0.10.3 and earlier. This bug is resolved in 0.10.4 and later but some older save games might still need repair. Note that new maximum health is set by forumla and may be slightly higher or lower than before bug.
reset_assets Clears mesh and material asset caches then reloads game. Warning: Uses QuickSave slot to reload game in-place. The in-place reload will trigger a longer than usual delay.
retry_assets Clears records of import attempts for assets from loose files and mods.
set_grav Set gravity. Default is 20
set_health Set Health
set_jump Set jump speed. Default is 8
set_mspeed Set mouse sensitivity. Default is 1.5
set_runspeed Set run speed. Set to -1 to return to default speed.
set_timescale Set Timescale; Default 12. Setting it too high can have adverse affects
set_vsync Set Vertical Sync count. Must be 0, 1, 2;
set_walkspeed Set walk speed. Set to -1 to return to default speed.
set_weather Sets the weather to indicated type
setlevel Change player level to a value from 1 to 30. Does not allow player to distribute points, only changes level value.
showbankwindow Opens a banking window for specified region
showitemmaker Opens a item maker window for enchanting items
showspellmaker Opens a spellmaker window for creating spells
startquest startquest {quest name}
suicide Kill self suicide
tac Toggle air control, which allows player to move while in the air.
tai Toggles AI on or off
talk_npcsKnowEverything NPCs know everything and do not run out of answers
talk_npcsKnowUsual NPCs know the usual number of things and run out of answers
tdbg Toggles if the debug information is displayed
tele2exit Teleport player to dungeon exit without leaving
tele2pixel Send the player to the x,y coordinates
tele2qitem Teleport player to quest item marker
tele2qspawn Teleport player to quest spawn marker (monster, NPC placement)
teleport teleport player to object they are looking at. God mode ("tgm") recommended
tgm Toggle god mode tgm
tmsmooth Toggle mouse smoothing.
trans_out Leave dungeon or building and load exterior area, only works if player inside
unmutequestnpcs Unmutes all quest npcs when 'mute npc' is stuck from a bug. Has no effect on NPCs not muted by an active quest script.
vamp_cureme Player is cured of vampirism effect at start of next magic round (1 game minute).
vamp_feedme Vampire thirst becomes sated.
were_cureme Player is cured of lycanthropy effect at start of next magic round (1 game minute).
were_sateme Lycanthrope urge to kill becomes sated.