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Displays the vital statistics of Shadowkey NPCs. The game is sufficiently different to Morrowind and Oblivion to require a template separate from the standard NPC Summary.


Shadowkey NPC Summary
Parameter Scope Description
titlename optional Changes the title of the infobox (defaults to page title if not specified).
loc optional Location of the NPC.
type optional If used, treats this entity as a creature rather than an NPC.
race optional NPC's race.
gender optional NPC's gender.
level optional NPC's level.
xp optional Experience points gained by killing this NPC.
health optional NPC's health.
armor optional NPC's armor strength.
attack optional Strength of the NPC's attacks.
defense optional Strength of the NPC's defense.
magicres optional NPC's magic resistance.
spellcasting optional NPC's spellcasting skill.
damage optional Range of damage done by this NPC's attacks.
train optional NPC classes trained by this NPC.
sells optional Types of item sold by this NPC.
image optional Image of the NPC. Do not specify this as an [[Image]] tag, just the file name.
imgdesc optional Description of the image.
notrail optional Specify a value to omit the trail from the page.


Minimal details[edit]

{{Shadowkey NPC Summary
|loc=[[Shadowkey:Snowline|Snowline]]<br/>[[Shadowkey:Dragonstar West|Dragonstar West]]
|image=SK-npc-Porliss Caith.jpg
|imgdesc=Porliss Caith in [[Shadowkey:Snowline|Snowline]]
Shadowkey NPC Summary
Location Snowline
Dragonstar West
Race Argonian Gender Male
Porliss Caith in Snowline

Full Details[edit]

{{Shadowkey NPC Summary
|loc=[[Shadowkey:Lakvan's Stronghold|Lakvan's Stronghold]]
Shadowkey NPC Summary
Location Lakvan's Stronghold
Gender Male
Other Information
Level 13 XP 2500
Health 200 Armor 1
Attack 50 Defense 85
Magic Resistance 45 Spellcasting 0
Damage 22-32


{{Shadowkey NPC Summary
|loc=[[Shadowkey:Dragonstar West|Dragonstar West]]
|train=[[Shadowkey:Battlemage|Battlemages]], [[Shadowkey:Spellsword|Spellswords]] and [[Shadowkey:Sorcerer|Sorcerers]]
Shadowkey NPC Summary
Location Dragonstar West
Gender Female
Training Battlemages, Spellswords and Sorcerers
Buys/Sells Spells
Other Information
Level 0 XP 0
Health Armor 0
Attack 0 Defense 0
Magic Resistance 0 Spellcasting 0
Damage 0


{{Shadowkey NPC Summary
|loc=[[Shadowkey:Twilight Temple|Twilight Temple]]<br/>[[Shadowkey:Fearfrost Caverns|Fearfrost Caverns]]
|imgdesc=Ivgrizt is searching for his tribes lost headdress
Shadowkey NPC Summary
Location Twilight Temple
Fearfrost Caverns
Type Goblin
Other Information
Level 4 XP 200
Health 30 Armor 2
Attack 4 Defense 4
Magic Resistance 6 Spellcasting 0
Damage 3-8
Ivgrizt is searching for his tribes lost headdress