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Displays a box for a quotation.


Quote Box
Parameter Scope Description
1 required The quote. Any desired formatting must be added.
2 optional The author of the quote. Any desired linking or formatting must be added.
style optional Any additional CSS formatting to be applied, such as overriding the width or float values.


{{Quote Box|''"Vivec's finest: fleet and fit,<br>Besting heretic by sword<br>And Ordinator by wit.<br>Sworn to live a life of noble grace,<br>Except to laugh in danger's face."|''[[Online:Captain Naros|Captain Naros]]''}}
"Vivec's finest: fleet and fit,
Besting heretic by sword
And Ordinator by wit.
Sworn to live a life of noble grace,
Except to laugh in danger's face."
Captain Naros