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Due to the sensitive nature of this template and the fact that it is used on a large number of pages, it has been semi-protected to prevent site-wide damage by vandal bots.
Editors: In order to minimize the impact on our servers, please use sandboxes to make and test changes to widely used templates before deployment.
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This template displays an informative table about a given Elder Scrolls Online quest and should be applied at the top of all Online quests pages. The description is made available for other templates, such as Quest Link. The appropriate Trail is also added to the top of the page. This template was derived from {{Quest Header}}.


Please note that currently, some parameters are lower-case, others are mixed-case. Any that don't follow the pattern of Xxxx will allow for all possible case combinations for backwards compatibility and ease of use. The parameters below use the "official" case used by the template. It may be desirable in future to convert these all to lower-case for consistency with most other templates.

Online Quest Header
Parameter Scope Description
type required The type of quest, used in the trail. "main" for Main Quests; "guild" for Fighters/Mages Guild quests; "alliance" for Alliance story quests; "side" for side quests; "ava" for Alliance War quests; "storyline" for Adventure Zone and Neutral Zone story quests; "prologue" for Prologue Quests; or "misc" for Miscellaneous quests. If not defined, trail defaults to the name of the Zone.
addtrail optional Used to add additional categories to the trail. Must start with /.
image required A thumbnail image of some part of the quest. If this parameter is missing, a {{NeedsImage}} banner will automatically be added to the quest article. In cases where an image is truly never needed, set image to "none".
description required A description of the quest.
Zone required* The zone the quest takes place in, used in the trail.
* Not required for Main Quest, Guild Quests, or Miscellaneous. Optional for Prologue Quests.
Faction required* The Guild or Alliance this quest is associated with, used in the trail.
* Not required for Main Quest, Side Quests, or Alliance War. Optional for Storyline Quests or Miscellaneous.
TOClimit optional Limit the header levels displayed in the table of contents.
Icon unused All required icons are currently added automatically based on other factors. An icon for the quest. The name of the image is all that is needed — do not use [[File:...]] or [[Image:...]].
Obj optional The location objective the quest is associated with, if there is one.
Cadwell optional Set Cadwell=yes if this Objective is required for completion of Cadwell's Almanac.
If the quest is a prerequisite to an Almanac quest, but not one itself, set Cadwell=prereq.
ZoneQuest optional Set ZoneQuest=yes if this quest is a Zone Starter quest.
Giver optional Whoever gives you the quest, and where to find them.
Loc optional The locations you travel to in order to complete the quest. There is no need to include the location of the Giver in this list if it was already provided there.
Prereq optional If a series quest, the quest that must be completed before this one.
Prev optional If a series quest, the quest that comes before this one if it is not required for this one to start.
Next optional If a series quest, the quest that is presented to the player after completion.
Conc optional If a series quest, any quest that can be done at the same time.
Reward optional Any gifts given to the player after a quest is completed. Likely rewards are Gold, Items, Skill Points, and Achievements. Each of these should be displayed in a new line for clarity.
XP optional The XP gain from completing the quest.
ID optional The editor identification of a quest. A quest ID can be found in the most recent file on
Level deprecated The level the quest is defined as in-game. If this parameter is in use, it should not currently be removed, as it may be useful in the future.
ReqLevel optional Prerequisite level to reach before the quest is available.
Prerequisites optional Other prerequisites not covered by Prereq quests or ReqLevel can be detailed here.
Repeatable optional Some quests are repeatable. If so, add the repetition timescale, eg "Immediately" or "Daily".
optional Some quests require a group, or work better with a group. If so, add the group size, eg. Group=2–4, Dungeon=4 or Trial=12. Optionally add (Required) or (Recommended).
Solo optional Some quests cannot be done in a group, and are solo only. If so, set Solo=Yes.
imgdesc optional A description of the thumbnail image.
nothumb optional Set nothumb=yes to force the image to be shown at full size rather than thumbnailed. This should only be used in exceptional cases, such as when the source image is an animated image.
Journal optional The text that appears in the journal throughout the quest (for the journal entries that update, please use {{Journal Entries}})
bugged optional If this quest is currently incompletable, enter bugged=yes or bugged=Patch x.y.z, where x.y.z is the patch number in which the quest was broken. (When the quest is fixed, remove this parameter.)
buggednote optional Further notes about the broken quest can be added here.
disabled optional If this quest is temporarily disabled, enter disabled=yes or disabled=Patch x.y.z, where x.y.z is the patch number in which the quest was disabled. (When the quest is re-enabled, remove this parameter.)
disablednote optional Further notes about the disabling of the quest can be added here.
event optional If this quest is part of a timed event, enter event=yes or event=name of event.


{{Online Quest Header
|imgdesc=A big boat at some quay somewhere
|description=Investigate a disturbance at the docks.
|Zone=The Rift
|Faction=Aldmeri Dominion
|Obj=Mistral — Save the city from the Maormer
|Giver=Raz in [[Online:Mistral|]]
|Loc= [[Online:Port Hunding|Port Hunding]], [[Online:Davon's Watch|Davon's Watch]], [[Online:Elden Root|Elden Root]]
|Prereq=This One
|Prev=That One
|Next=Something Else
|Reward=Things<br/>1 Skill Point<br/>23 Gold, {{ESO Veteran|silver=100 Gold,|gold=500 Gold}}<br/>Achievement: Yes Please
|Journal=I was dead. And then I went to Tamriel.

User-Enodoc-ONqico2a.png Investigate a disturbance at the docks.
Zone: The Rift
Objective: Mistral — Save the city from the Maormer
Quest Giver: Raz in Mistral
Location(s): Port Hunding, Davon's Watch, Elden Root
Prerequisite Quest: This One
Previous Quest: That One
Next Quest: Something Else
Concurrent Quest: Sideways
Reward: Things
1 Skill Point
23 Gold, Silver100 Gold, Gold500 Gold
Achievement: Yes Please
XP Gain: 234
A big boat at some quay somewhere
I was dead. And then I went to Tamriel.

Blank Template

The following is a blank copy of the Online Quest Header which includes the Template:ONQP Header, Template:Online Journal Entries and Template:Online Journal Entries plus additional framework for an Elder Scrolls Online Quest Page.

{{ONQP Header
{{Online Quest Header
==Quick Walkthrough==
#<!--Use numbered bullet points for a quick walkthrough.-->
#<!--Try to avoid spoilers in this section-->

==Detailed Walkthough==
<!--In this section, you can go into more detail and use spoilers-->
<!--Instructions: Add any bugs using the following format:
{{Bug|Bug description}}
** Workaround
==Quest Stages==
{{Online Journal Entries
||{{Online Quest Objective||}}
||{{Online Quest Objective||}}
||{{Online Quest Objective||}}
||{{Online Quest Objective||}}
||{{Online Quest Objective||}}
||{{Online Quest Objective||}}
||{{Online Quest Objective||}}
||{{Online Quest Objective||}}
||{{Online Quest Objective||}}
{{Online Quest Stages Notes}}