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Creates a simple transclusion to a subpage of this template. Intended to store Graph data away from the page it's used on to increase readability.


Parameter Scope Description
1 optional The name of the graph. Unnecessary if only one graph would ever exist on the page.
float optional CSS float property. Defaults to none.
name optional The name/path of the graph if being used on a page other than where it originally belongs.


Created graphs must be added to the relevant subcategory (Based on namespace) in Category:Graphs for transclusion within a <noinclude/>. Additionally, transcluding the What Links Here page can help users navigate from graph to the page it belongs on with ease. An example for what would be pasted at the end of the graph page for any Blades-related graphs:

<noinclude>{{Special:WhatLinksHere/{{FULLPAGENAME}}}}[[Category:Blades Graphs]]</noinclude>


If placed on Blades:Absorb: {{Graph|Magicka|float=right}}

To get this graph anywhere else: {{Graph|name=Blades-Absorb-Magicka|float=right}}