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This template is used to display an effect's description with the given variables filled in. It is like {{Effect Link}}, except that it displays the effect's syntax how it would appear in-game. Requires that the effect be set up using {{Effect Summary}}.


Effect Text
Parameter Scope Description
1 required The name of the effect
type optional The prefix of the syntax variation you'd like to use. Defaults to syntax or enchsyntax if unspecified. Valid inputs include shield and alch.
optional The value of the effect's corresponding magnitude
d optional The value of the effect's duration
extra optional The name of an additional parameter you'd like to specify. Used in scenarios where an effect may have another variable that you will need to specify as a custom parameter with an identical name.
optional The versions of aforementioned values after relevant calculations/adjustments have been applied (i.e. with the Fortify Primary Effect)
material optional Set as anything to override the icon with BL-icon-Material Bonus.png
noicon optional Set as anything to disable the hyperlink.
nolink optional Set as anything to disable the icon.
textonly optional Set as anything to disable both icon and hyperlink.
ns_base optional To manually specify the namespace


{{Effect Text|Fire Damage|type=shield|m=45|ns_base=BL}}

Fire Damage Does 45 fire damage on a blocked attack or Shield Bash.

{{Effect Text|Absorb Stamina|m=4|m2=5|m3=7|textonly=1|ns_base=BL}}

Restores Stamina by damage done, up to 4 for light weapons, 5 for versatile ones, and 7 for other attacks.

{{Effect Text|Bonus Ranks|m=1|extra=skill|skill=Reckless Fury|ns_base=BL}}

Bonus Ranks +1 Reckless Fury Rank