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This template is used for documenting the outcomes of the red choices in quests and other dialogue. It will show all options with the results hidden in show/hide sections. Additionally, when options are listed but outcomes are not specified, it will place the page into the Online-Red Choices with Unchecked Outcomes category, so that other users will know which pages have unchecked outcomes.


ESO Red Choice
Parameter Scope Description
intimidate optional The text for the Intimidate option.
persuade optional The text for the Persuade option.
bribe optional The text for the bribery option.
bribepay optional The amount of gold needed for the bribery option. Since this is generally leveled, the value should be what is seen at Champion Points160+.
option1…3 optional The text for up to 3 options other than Intimidate, Persuade and bribery.
intimidateoutcome optional The outcomes from using the Intimidate option.
persuadeoutcome optional The outcomes from using the Persuade option.
bribeoutcome optional The outcomes from using the bribery option.
option1…3outcome optional The outcomes from using the generic options.


{{ESO Red Choice
|option1=Destroy the artifact.
|option1outcome=Why did you destroy it?  Now we have to do it the hard way...
|option2=Keep the artifact.

(Note that because option2 is specified but option2outcome is not, this page would be placed in the category, indicating that someone else should document the other option.)

{{ESO Red Choice
|intimidate=Pay up or else!
|intimidateoutcome=Okay, sorry, here's your money...
|persuade=Aww, come on, please?
|persuadeoutcome=Oh, well, if you insist...
|bribe=Okay, how about if I pay ''you''?
|bribeoutcome=This scenario makes no sense, but sure, why not?
|option1=Okay, fine, have it your way.
|option1outcome=Damn straight I will.