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Almas Thirr
Added by: Tamriel Rebuilt
Alignment: Mainland Tribunal Temple
Region: Aanthirin

Almsivi Intervention:

Divine Intervention:

Silt Strider


Tr banner almasthirr.png
Western bridge
Monastery of Saint Veloth
View of the city from the western road

Almas Thirr is a large Tribunal Temple city and pilgrimage site spanning the Thirr River in the Aanthirin region. The city connects Indoril lands to Hlaalu and possesses both docks and an open-air market. Rooms can be rented at the Limping Scrib.

The great canton itself was built on Veloth's Path, the route that the saint is supposed to have taken through Morrowind. It is Temple-owned, and takes a toll from ships passing through it north and south along the river. At the time of your arrival, one such ship, the East Empire Company controlled Glinting Moth is docked to pay the toll at the Hall of Tribute. With various ships passing through, Almas Thirr is a source of some wealth for the Temple, which finds itself in the middle of rising tensions between Great House Hlaalu and Great House Indoril.

City Tensions[edit]

The Indoril once owned the territory on the west bank of the Thirr, as evidenced by the existence of their old stronghold, Tur Julan near Oran Plantation. The current lord of Roa Dyr, Indoril Ilvi, is suspected by some of desiring the return of these lands from the expansionist Hlaalu. The Temple in Almas Thirr professes neutrality, but the truth is more complicated. The Indoril are tightly intertwined with the Temple, and Indoril Ilvi is permitted to maintain a garrison of his soldiers on the eastern bank. In addition, a manor has been given over to Indoril Dorvi in the plaza, while the son of the Hlaalu founding house, Avon Hlaalu, must make do without such a residence.

The Hlaalu for their part seem to be making good use of agents and spies within the city - for example, by supposedly selling agents as 'slaves' to the Indoril east of the river. Fear of their 'corrosive' influence among the local Velothi even prompts Indoril Ilvi to commission anti-Hlaalu preaching, during the events of Learned Proverbs.


The bridge on the west side of the city holds a market. A smith, Jalor Indo and an alchemist, Llandora Falavel, can be found here. There are a number of more general traders scattered about the city, with the largest being the outfitter, Anmoleth. Spellmaking and spell merchants can be found at the Monastery of St. Veloth, on the east side of the city, next to the Indoril Garrison. Trainers can be found within this monastery and the Hall of Tribute.

Getting There and Around[edit]

The Silt Strider can take you here from the Indoril-aligned fishing town of Aimrah or the punavit-brewing settlement of Vhul. A boat on the western edge of the canton can take you to the Hlaalu town of Indal-ruhn or the Imperial city of Old Ebonheart.

Places of Interest Around Almas Thirr[edit]

Veloth's Path runs west to east through Almas Thirr, and following it east will lead to the beautiful Indoril chapel of Roa Dyr, home to Indoril Ilvi. To the north, past the wreck of the Andresian Dreugh immediately adjacent to the canton, stands the Daedric Shrine of Hadrumnibibi, rumored to be newly occupied by cultists of Malacath. To the northwest are the vast fields of the Oran Plantation, pockmarked with caves on the coast, while to the southwest, the Dwemer ruin of Bthungtch can be found.


Miscellaneous questgivers include Llandora Falavel in the Port Authority, Azarien Ulimal and Nerlis in the canton plaza, Davor Indri and Tilresi in the Canalworks, Giacinia Andelius in the Upper Waistworks, Drelegor Ulesseth at the Limping Scrib, Falora Daren and Manyn Llando at the Temple and Bidsi Omathi in the Hostel of the Crossing. The Bloodstone Pilgrimage can be begun by speaking to Hetman Llothro in her house.

Quests from the extensive Temple questline here can be taken from Lloris Dalan in the Canalworks Temple, Illene Teloth at the Office of Intercession, and Vaden Baro at the Monastery of St. Veloth. Ja'Basska is the local Fighters Guild Steward, Tynachos is the Mages Guild Steward, and Gordol the Scrivener is the local Thieves Guild Mastermind. Hlenil Saravyne is the local Master of the Morag Tong responsible for writs and special duties.

The Majordomo of the Crossing, Andor Orothi, asides from being one rank below the Patriarch in Necrom, governs Almas Thirr on behalf of the Temple, and can be found in the Office of Intercession. Two noble representatives of Great House Hlaalu (in Avon Hlaalu) and Great House Indoril (in Indoril Dorvi) can be found in the plaza, but have no associated quest content at time of writing.

On the east bank, the Indoril Ilvi maintains an Indoril garrison, commanded by Irnami Silsi.

For a complete list of all the people in Almas Thirr, see the People in Almas Thirr page.

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  • Almas Thirr was first released in 2019 in Aanthirin release and later overhauled in 2023 in Andaram release. The changes include the revamp of the city's exteriors and interiors, as well as new Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, Thieves Guild, Morag Tong and miscellaneous content.


Map of Almas Thirr
Almas Thirr, Feldil Vulunith: Armorer
Almas Thirr, Jalor Indo's House
Almas Thirr, Galasa Savas' House
Almas Thirr, Limping Scrib
Almas Thirr, Limping Scrib
Almas Thirr, Morag Tong Guildhall
Almas Thirr, Llaryno Savel's House
Almas Thirr, Infirmary of St. Meris
Almas Thirr, Guild of Fighters
Almas Thirr, Samsi Adranibaal: Pawnbroker
Almas Thirr, Guild of Mages
Almas Thirr, Darane Navur: Trader
Almas Thirr, Belas Dralam's House
Almas Thirr, Hetman Llothro's House
Almas Thirr, Dinara Nelan's House
Almas Thirr, Anmoleth: Outfitter
Almas Thirr, Latika's House
Almas Thirr, Nelos Llothri's House
Almas Thirr, Danse Orani's House
Almas Thirr, Sabinus Vanceo's House
Almas Thirr, Balur Seldrano's House
Almas Thirr, Falura Andavel's Apartment
Almas Thirr, Brewers and Fishmongers Hall
Almas Thirr, Hostel of the Crossing
Almas Thirr, Vralf's House
Almas Thirr, Underworks
Almas Thirr, Underworks
Almas Thirr, Canalworks
Almas Thirr, Canalworks
Almas Thirr, Lower Waistworks
Almas Thirr, Lower Waistworks
Almas Thirr, Lower Waistworks
Almas Thirr, Lower Waistworks
Almas Thirr, Upper Waistworks
Almas Thirr, Upper Waistworks
Almas Thirr, Upper Waistworks
Almas Thirr, Upper Waistworks
Almas Thirr, Upper Waistworks
Almas Thirr, Upper Waistworks
Almas Thirr, Plaza
Almas Thirr, Plaza
Almas Thirr, Elanu Tilvani's House
Glinting Moth: Crew Quarters
Glinting Moth: Cabin
Almas Thirr, Hall of Tribute
Almas Thirr, Hall of Tribute
Almas Thirr, Contraband Warehouse
Almas Thirr, Dockyard Warehouse
Almas Thirr, Ralis Nalor's House
Almas Thirr, Revis Arano's House
Almas Thirr, The Pious Pirate
Almas Thirr, Western Guard Tower
Almas Thirr, Western Guard Tower
Lady Alynu
Almas Thirr, Port Authority
Almas Thirr, Eastern Guard Tower
Almas Thirr, Eastern Guard Tower
Almas Thirr, Ralyn Velor's House
Almas Thirr, Ivrea Llothro's House
Almas Thirr, Southern Lighthouse
Almas Thirr, Northern Lighthouse
Almas Thirr, Monastery of St. Veloth
Map of Almas Thirr
Map Key
  1. Feldil Vulunith: Armorer
  2. Jalor Indo's House
  3. Galasa Savas' House
  4. Limping Scrib
  5. Morag Tong Guildhall
  6. Llaryno Savel's House
  7. Infirmary of St. Meris
  8. Guild of Fighters
  9. Samsi Adranibaal: Pawnbroker
  10. Guild of Mages
  11. Darane Navur: Trader
  12. Belas Dralam's House
  13. Hetman Llothro's House
  14. Dinara Nelan's House
  15. Anmoleth: Outfitter
  16. Latika's House
  17. Nelos Llothri's House
  18. Danse Orani's House
  19. Sabinus Vanceo's House
  20. Balur Seldrano's House
  21. Falura Andavel's Apartment
  22. Brewers and Fishmongers Hall
  23. Hostel of the Crossing
  24. Vralf's House
  25. Almas Thirr, Underworks
  26. Almas Thirr, Canalworks
  27. Almas Thirr, Lower Waistworks
  28. Almas Thirr, Upper Waistworks
  29. Almas Thirr, Plaza
  30. Elanu Tilvani's House
  31. Glinting Moth
  32. Hall of Tribute
  33. Contraband Warehouse
  34. Dockyard Warehouse
  35. Ralis Nalor's House
  36. Revis Arano's House
  37. The Pious Pirate
  38. Western Guard Tower
  39. Lady Alynu
  40. Port Authority
  41. Eastern Guard Tower
  42. Ralyn Velor's House
  43. Ivrea Llothro's House
  44. Southern Lighthouse
  45. Northern Lighthouse
  46. Monastery of St. Veloth