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In Stormhold, you can choose between 7 different classes, shared by 5 different races. Each class has three critical attributes, eight primary attributes, a number of skills and a set of equipment and spells attached from the beginning. The Spellsword was only available for the Nokia 3650.

Your character's name has to be at least 3 characters long.

Critical Attributes[edit]

There are three attributes that are important enough to be displayed at all times on the game screen.

The most important is health. If this is ever reduced to zero, the character dies and wakes up back near Helga, missing all items other than the ones they had equipped.

Also vital is fatigue, as characters with low fatigue do significantly less damage.

For characters with the ability to cast spells, magicka is a measure of their remaining spell power. These three attributes are present on the in-game screen at all times.

Primary Attributes[edit]

In addition to the game-screen attributes, each character has eight primary attributes that vary by class.

Attribute Description
Agility Determines your character's base defense against physical attacks.
Endurance Affects the amount of health your character has.
Intelligence Determines your character's supply of base magicka.
Luck Is your character's fate and fortune.
Personality Determines how well you interact with the trainers.
Speed Determines how fast your character moves.
Strength Affects the amount of damage your character can inflict.
Willpower Affects the recovery speed of Magicka energy.

When a new character is created, the basic stats for all attributes looks like this:

Class Race Health Magicka Fatigue STR INT WIL AGI SPD END PER LUC
Barbarian Nord 45 30 170 50 30 50 30 40 40 30 40
Battlemage Breton 35 75 150 40 50 50 30 30 30 40 40
Knight Redguard 50 30 170 50 30 30 40 40 50 30 40
Nightblade Wood Elf 30 50 140 30 40 30 50 50 30 40 40
Rogue Nord 50 30 170 50 30 40 30 40 50 30 40
Sorcerer High Elf 30 75 140 30 50 40 40 40 30 40 40
Spellsword High Elf 35 62 150 30 50 40 40 30 40 40 40


Additionally, each class has a set of special skills attached to it. When you are creating your character the skill attributes are:

Barbarian Battlemage Knight Nightblade Rogue Sorcerer Spellsword
Axe: 4
Blunt Weapon: 2
Light Armor: 4
Blunt Weapon: 2
Destruction: 4
Restoration: 3
Speechcraft: 1
Blunt Weapon: 4
Heavy Armor: 3
Long Blade: 1
Speechcraft: 2
Illusion: 4
Light Armor: 2
Long Blade: 1
Short Blade: 3
Blunt Weapon: 2
Heavy Armor: 3
Light Armor: 1
Long Blade: 4
Alteration: 2
Conjuration: 4
Destruction: 3
Speechcraft: 1
Alteration: 4
Destruction: 2
Light Armor: 1
Long Blade: 3

Equipment and Spells[edit]

After you have chosen your class, typed an in-game name and seen the introductory text, an examination of the adventure menu will reveal that your class owns the following equipment and that some classes know a few basic spells from the very beginning:

Class Armor Weapon Spells
Barbarian Padded Cloth Miner Pick
Battlemage Padded Cloth Club Damage, Heal Wound
Knight Worn Cuirass Club
Nightblade Padded Cloth Dagger Paralyze
Rogue Worn Cuirass Broadsword
Sorcerer Padded Cloth Dagger Frenzy, Daedric Weapon, Damage
Spellsword Worn Cuirass Broadsword Frenzy, Damage


  • Although it doesn't appear in the game, there is code in the game files for a Security skill, along with lockpicks and code for locked or trapped chests.