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| Left Thumb-stick || Follow the image. To set 2 different keys to one direction, click Advanced and insert a 2nd box. Set the middle button to Left Ctrl for Crouching. Arrow keys were also added to the directions for easy navigation of menus, and conversations.
<sup>Setting the control style of this stick to 8-way, and making the corner buttons W&A, W&D, etc, does not work properly, as hitting Caps Lock to constantly run makes the corner directions slow, and the main directions fast. EDIT: Actually, if you add SHIFT (default "Run" button) to the button combinations (W+A, W+D, S+A, S+D), and then have "Always Run" turned off, you will run in every direction.</sup>
| Right Thumb-stick || Follow the image. Set the middle button to R for Change View

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