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Lore:Night of Tears

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[[File:SR-quest-The Eye of Magnus.jpg|thumb|right|The Eye of Magnus, the supposed cause for the Night of Tears]]
:''This article describes the event known as the '''Night of Tears'''. For the related book, see '''[[Lore:Night of Tears (book)|Night of Tears (book)]]'''.''
The '''Night of Tears''' is the night an Elven force attacked and burned the first human city of Skyrim, [[Lore:Saarthal|Saarthal]], built by the first Nordic inhabitants. <ref name=NoT>{{Cite book|Night of Tears (book)}}</ref> In retaliation, [[Lore:Ysgramor|Ysgramor]], the leader of the human colonization effort and the founder of the [[Lore:Companions|Companions]], drove the elves out of [[Lore:Solstheim|Solstheim]] and [[Lore:Skyrim|Skyrim]]. <ref name=NoT/> <ref name=BtAoM>{{Cite book|Before the Ages of Man}}</ref> <ref name=FotSP>{{Cite book|Fall of the Snow Prince}}</ref> The reason for the Night of Tears has been lost to time, but it is speculated that it was spurred by a discovery of something beneath the city of Saarthal, which prompted the elves to destroy the city to claim the power for themselves. <ref name=NoT/> While it is impossible to know if this was the true cause for the Night of Tears, it was later discovered by the [[Lore:College of Winterhold|College of Winterhold]] that a powerful artifact was hidden within the ruins of Sarthaal, which they dubbed ''"[[Lore:Eye of Magnus|The Eye of Magnus]]"''. <ref name=Skyrim>Events of [[Skyrim:Skyrim|Skyrim]].</ref>

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