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Lore:Night of Tears

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The '''Night of Tears''' is the night an Elven force attacked and burned the first human city of Skyrim, [[Lore:Saarthal|Saarthal]], built by the first Nordic inhabitants.
When the Nords arrived at Skyrim the Elves welcomed them, but as time went on the Elves began to think of the Nords as dumb and beast like. The Night of Tears was the night the Elven forces attacked Saarthal in an attempt to rid Skyrim of the Nords. The Nords, whom had thought they were on good terms with the Elves, did not expect an attack and were completly obliterated. It is said that only Ysgramor and his two sons escaped back to Atmora. Years later Ysgramor would lead the Five Hundrand Companions in his return to Skyrim to get revenge on the Elves.

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