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Votes: oppose
**As well as this, I don't feel the need for another Administrator at the moment. I feel like this RfA has made things very uncomfortable around the wiki this past few days, I could see this RfA being successful driving the community into two more obvious halves than previously when rpeh got summarily de-adminned. The amount of people that have disappeared since this RfA has shot up has got to be more than average, I think this can be no coincidence and do not wish to see this unique community split more for the sake of one more Admin at a time when we have plenty around. I cannot blame this RfA soley I think its been coming on for a while, but I think this was the final nail in the coffin for a few editors.
*I can’t think of much else to say, but I just don’t like the mood and community around here at the moment. And I honestly believe its driven a few of my fellow editors away. --<span style="font-size:large">[[User:Kiz|<span style="color:#B8860B">kiz</span>]]</span> {{#ifeq:{{PAGENAME}}|Kiz| <span style=font-size:85%>'''[[Special:EmailUser/Kiz|email]]'''</span> | <small style="white-space:nowrap"><sup style="position:absolute">'''[[User_Talk:Kiz|talk]]'''</sup><sub style="padding-right: 35px">'''[[Special:EmailUser/Kiz|email]]'''</sub></small>}} 17:27, 18 April 2012 (UTC)
*'''Oppose''': There's absolutely nothing to justify this. Krusty has already covered the main points, Kiz has added some detail, but there's another important point. There has always been a tradition that admins should have some Major Work behind them before being nominated. While some have had to be prompted (one of the "Support" voters for instance), there's simply nothing on RH70's CV that qualifies. His main input has been to spend hours splitting hairs and pushing his own idiosyncratic POV on policy debates while doing nothing but fixing typos, over-complicating templates, and sucking up to people he thinks will benefit his wiki career. This entire nomination is nothing but a fa&ccedil;ade to add another voice to one "side" when votes are called. It has no merit whatsoever. [[User:Rpeh|rpeh]]<span style="font-size:xx-small">&nbsp;•[[User_Talk:Rpeh|T]]•[[Special:Contributions/Rpeh|C]]•[[Special:Emailuser/Rpeh|E]]•</span> 18:06, 18 April 2012 (UTC)

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