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'''Hulda''' is a [[Skyrim:Nord|Nord]] innkeeper who owns the [[Skyrim:The Bannered_Mare|Bannered Mare]] in [[Skyrim:Whiterun|Whiterun]]. She will sometimes mention that she plans on retiring soon and selling the inn to [[Skyrim:Ysolda|Ysolda]]. Ysolda will also say that she is going to save up the money to buy the Bannered Mare from Hulda, but this never really seems to be the case. If Hulda is killed, Ysolda will immediately take over the Bannered Mare, but will still speak of buying the inn from Hulda. Hulda will buy your wood for 5 gold each.
Hulda can give the player Whiterun Bounties to complete for the Jarl. She will buy firewood for 5 gold each, which has the result of allowing you to take low value items from the inn.
She wears Clothes and Boots, and has an Iron Dagger equipped.

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