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basic schedule, don't know the exact dialogue for conversation with ysolda
'''Brenuin''' is a [[Skyrim:Redguard|Redguard]] drunkard living in the city of [[Skyrim:Whiterun|Whiterun]]. He wantscan someoneusually tobe stealfound awandering rarearound [[Skyrim:Argonian|Argonian]]the alePlains fromdistrict inspecting several of the stalls and talking with some of the local merchants, most notably [[Skyrim:The Bannered MareYsolda|The Bannered MareYsolda]], thewho localwill inn.sometimes Herefuse offersto agive healinghim potionmoney infor returnalcohol.
He wants someone to steal a rare [[Skyrim:Argonian|Argonian]] ale from [[Skyrim:The Bannered Mare|The Bannered Mare]], the local inn. He offers a healing potion in return.
When passing by he will usually remark ''"I ain't done nothin'"'' and

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