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Skyrim:Karita (warrior)

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{{NPC Summary
Karita is a pilgrim who travels the 7000 steps that lead to [[Skyrim:High_Hrothgar|High Hrothgar]] to meditate on the emblems. She is found kneeling in front of the forth etched tablet.
Karita says she is a pilgrim and would like to leave it at that, and that she makes the pilgrimage every year. When the [[Skyrim:Greybeards|Greybeards]] summoned Dovahkiin she was outside [[Skyrim:Ivarstead|Ivarstead]] and she says it was very exciting.
==Related Quests==
* [[Skyrim:The_Way_of_the_Voice|'''The Way of the Voice''']]
* There is another NPC named [[Skyrim:Karita_(bard)|Karita]], she is a Bard at Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar.
* A dragon may spawn right before you reach her. If this happens she will help fight the dragon and will usually end up dead.
* The troll encountered farther down the road can be brought back to her, and she will help fight it but will usually end up dead.
* She is known to wear scaled armor, an amulet of talos, and a minor ring of wielding.

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