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Skyrim:2920, Rain's Hand, v4

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merge info from SR:Skill Books and from database dump of all book locations; one set of x/y coordinates need to be changed into useful directions; delete Blind Cliff Bastion -- cannot confirm
|loc=* [[Skyrim:Falion%27s_House's House|Falion's House]] ([[Skyrim:Morthal|Morthal]]), on a table
* [[Skyrim:Hall of the Dead|Hall of the Dead]] ([[Skyrim:Markarth|Markarth]]), on the shelf next to the priest's bed
* [[Skyrim:Falion%27s_House|Falion's House]], on a table
* Behind [[Skyrim:Widow's Watch Ruins|Widow's Watch Ruins]]
* At x=135134, y=87629
|lorename=2920, Rain's Hand (v4)

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