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Oblivion:Getting Around

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You might hear rumors saying "By The Nine, stay on the road; the wilderness just isn't safe". On the contrary, the roads are packed with monsters, plus make lots of unnecessary turns and climb slopes just steep enough to make your horse hurt from the fall. Learn safe shortcuts through the wilderness if you don't like/can't fast-travel:
; Imperial City - Anvil
: Go through Weye, or take the ford south of the Arcane University (by Fatback Cave) or (preferably) waterwalk the horse straight west from Waterfront, pass south of Clavicus Vile's shrine (even if going from Weye), cross the Gold road south of Ceyatatar and staying off the road, on the slopes, head straight west, towards Shadeleaf Copse. Once past Derelict Mine you can turn south to Skingrad or continue west, aiming north of Kvatch. Watch out for bears by Shardrock, best pass it through the northern mountain slope. You can stay for a night in Shetcombe farm or pay a visit to Kvatch if you want, or continue west, through the wide valley, gradually turning south till you reach Lord Drad's Estate or road to it. Cut the corner with crossroads to avoid a bandit and take the remainder of road to Anvil.
;Imperial City - Bravil
: Take the ford south of the Arcane University, continue through the grassy shores of the Upper Niben and Niben Bay to safely arrive at Bravil.
:Unfortunately there seems to be no decent land shortcut from Bravil to Leyawiin. The best bet is to waterwalk the horse first to Bawnwatch Camp, then across the river from the vicinity of Fort Irony (try landing on the southern end of Panther's Mouth). The eastern shore of the Lower Niben is safe though not really riding-friendly, so the best road is right along the middle of Niben, waterwalking with a maximum duration waterwalk spell and stopping on small islands to recast it. Also remember, you're always welcome in Border Watch, awfully bumpy but mostly safe route.
; Imperial City - Cheydinhal
: Starting near the Market District, go around the prison and through the ford slightly south of prison sewers. Even if you land straight at the start of the Blue Road, don't take it, ; turn south-east southeast and , going through the plains , pass between the Ayleid ruins and the lake north of them or just north of the lake. As the plains end, the terrain gets more difficult, you may want to return to the road.
;Imperial City - Bruma
: Use the bridge in the NNW part of the Imperial City isle, straight uphill towards Glademist Cave, then along Orange Road till you cross a wooden bridge. A short while later there's a turn towards Applewatch and an easy, convenient road to Bruma North gate. You may want a more traditional route back though, as the horse is far worse at running down steep slopes than climbing them.
:Orange road, turn after a wooden bridge and cut the end loop through Applewatch. There's a more interesting, though definitely not safer road through Sancre Tor and near Echo Cave - keep going north where Yellow Road turns east from Chorrol.
;Chorrol - Skingrad/Anvil
:Ride south-eastsoutheast, down the slope north of Wendir, then south, passing Weatherleah by west. To reach Skingrad turn a bit east, nearing Brindle Home. Soon you will reach the friendly plains north of Skingrad. Alternatively turn west along the valley of Imperial Reserve, annoy bandits at Brotch Camp and land north of Kvatch on the traditional Anvil-Imperial City shortcut.
;Bravil - Skingrad
:Starting from Faregyl Inn won't do much good. Just go west from Bravil and stay far south from all the civilization, gradually turning north passing through the slopes near Silorn.
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