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Default Controls: '''PC''': <li>Changed ''Alt'' for ''Right-Click'' in combinations as more comfortable option. <li>Vanity View through ''R'' (hold). <li>Added keys to Adjust Quantity.
! {{Linkable Entry|Dodge}}
| '''AltRight Click'''+'''E''' || [[File:Icon xbox lt large.png|22px|LT]]+[[Image:XBox_Y.png|22px|Y]] || '''L1'''+[[Image:PS3_Tr.png|22px|Triangle]] || Only available once you reach journeyman level in [[Oblivion:Acrobatics|Acrobatics]].
! {{Linkable Entry|Sneak Mode|Sneak}}
! {{Linkable Entry|Yield}}
| '''AltRight Click'''+<br>'''Space''' || [[File:Icon xbox lt large.png|22px|LT]]+[[Image:XBox_A.png|22px|A]] || '''L1'''+[[Image:PS3_X.png|22px|X]] || To yield to an opponent, you must [[#Block|Block]] while activating the character. Not all opponents will accept your yield; others may accept the yield but immediately resume fighting. Creatures ''never'' accept a yield.
!colspan=5 |
! {{Linkable Entry|Vanity View}}
| '''MouseR Wheel(hold)''' || '''Right Stick (hold)''' || '''Right<br> Stick (R3hold)''' || Activates a third-person camera view which can be moved to any angle.
* On Xbox and PS3, you ''click and hold'' down on the right stick
** On Xbox, Left Trigger zooms in; Right Trigger zooms out.
** On PS3, Right Trigger zooms in and out.
* On PC, you ''click and hold'' down on the mouse wheelR button; mouse wheel zooms third-person view in and out
! {{Linkable Entry|Open Journal|Journal}}
* On the PC, click the left-hand sack icon for your own inventory or the right-hand sack icon for the container/merchant. Also Shift + Left Arrow key or Right Arrow Key can be used.
* On the Xbox, [[File:Icon xbox lt large.png|22px|LT]] switches to your own inventory and [[File:Icon xbox rt large.png|22px|RT]] switches to the container/merchant
! {{Linkable Entry|Adjust Quantity}}
| '''Left/Right arrow keys''' || || || '''Up Arrow''' - Accept; '''Down Arrow''' - Cancel.
! {{Linkable Entry|Select One}}
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