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* Backing up while fighting can help prevent being hit. A hit on the monster causes it to be knocked back, and if the character backs up quickly enough, the monster will not have a chance to attack before the character is ready to strike a blow. By the time the monster has advanced enough to strike, the character can swing again, back up, and repeat. Just make sure you have enough room (small rooms can prevent this tactic) and don't step off a large drop.
* The spells [[Daggerfall:Restoration Spells|Spell Absorption]] and [[Daggerfall:Thaumaturgy Spells|Spell Reflection]] can also be highly beneficial. Note that Spell Absorption can also absorb your own spells, which is useful when attacking mostersmonsters at close range using [[Daggerfall:Destruction Spells|Fireball]] and similar spells.
* Arrows can be shot through doors, and if you're in the void, they can also be shot through walls.
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