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{{Daggerfall Trail}}
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Much of the game of ''Daggerfall'' relies on successfully surviving through a combat situation. This page will hopefully help you survive longer than you thought possible by providing hints and tips on fighting.
Currently against Ancient Vampires I am using a custom Continuous Damage fire based single target ranged spell that does
50(HP) X 9(mylevel) = 450(HP) damage per round for 5(rounds) X 9(mylevel) = 45 rounds
This would result in a total of 20,250 hit points of damage against the target....IF IT WORKED. Unfortunately, the Ancients just shrug the blast off as if it were but a minor annoyance approximately 65% of the time.
The Vampire Ancients seem to be handicapped with a lack of ranged spells, fortunately for us all. However, and this is a big however, they move fast and if they reach you and you have no magical protection, you are dead. Therefore I have for you the following recommendations:
Switch to visual style combat interface for Quake style reflex levels.
Run like hell!

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