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Strategies Against Tough Monsters
'''Lich, Ancient Lich, Mage, Battlemage'''
Basically, these are tough since they use ranged attacks (especially the former two), but using one or more of the following strategies I'm usually able to handle them (I do save the game before engaging, though - just in case!).
'''General Fighting Strategies'''
''Lure it''<br>
If the bug is just blocking your way you could try to get it to follow you to a place you don't need to go later and then leave it at a corner, a staircase, or a jump (they seem to have problems with these 'obstacles'). Even if you want to kill it this might be a good idea; if it is stuck behind something it sometimes casts an area attack spell into the wall, etc. killing itself rightin the awayprocess.
''Shoot it''<br>
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