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More General Combat Strategies
=== '''More General Combat Strategies''' ===
The first thing you want to do is determine whether or not you want to kill the suckerenemy. If you don't havewant to (or don't wanthave to), let it chase you into a room with a hole. Run around to the other side of itthe hole, and the idiotenemy will walkattempt to follow and fall right into itthe hole! Or position itthe enemy between you and the hole, take a few whacks at it and it just may go flying backbackwards into the hole. Just remember that it'll still be down there when you get to the room it fell into. They don't seem to take any damage from the fall either, or die from drowning if there's is water at the bottom of the shaft. Go figure! Also, if you have open and lock spells, run away, close the door and cast the lock spell. Be sure you have either open or recall or you'll be screwedstuck if you want to go back. You CANNOT pick a magically held lock.
If you're on a quest for a guild, let's say you're after some mummy wrappings or werewolf blood, 99 times out of 100 you're are looking for the only monster in the dungeon of that type. I was crawling through this maze that had bears, tigers, and bats looking for werewolf's blood for the mages guild. I came across a lone werewolf, killed it, and found the blood I needed. When you find the beastybeast and slay it, search the body and pick up the item. Don't forget to do this, especially with werewolves because I tend to ignore searching them as they never have any loot. As with most quests, a message will appear confirming that you found the item you needed. As a side note, if you're on a quest to slay monster X, make sure you slay monsters Y and Z as well along the way. One time I was supposed to slay a werewolf and this bear got in my way. I whacked him and to my surprise the message appeared :
''"This looks like the beast everyone thought was a werewolf..."''
Take advantage of the Xngine's problem with corners and stairways!. You know that annoying problem in the game when you round a corner and can't move as if you're "stuck" on it? Well, the monsters can have that problem, too. The only exception is that they are usually so intent on you that they want to walk a straight line to get at you and don't try to move off the corner. Some monsters, can'tlike evenzombies climbor stairways! Igiants, can't telleven youclimb how many times my weak little elf has picked off giants with a bowstairways. This works with zombies too. I just see it as they're too big to get up the stairs (then how'd they get down there in the first place?!?). Hey, you powerful guys just remember that you had to start somewhere too!
OK. Another thing you can do if you're up against something that's is too powerful is to let it chase you until it gets "stuck" like I mentioned, or until you backtrack into a large chamber. Make sure the path is clear, because if you ran away from something prior to it'll get a crack at backstabbing you! I'm using a custom class, so I have a natural spell absorption ability. Just for that little extra, I cast reflection if I'm up against something really nasty. In the large room/chamber I save the game just in case, swing, take a step back, swing, take a step back. As most of you know, that usually works, but not against a real tough oneopponent. One time my level 4 (at the time) character was up against an Ancient Vampire. Ooh boy! With absorption/reflection cast, I just pummelled the jerk by casting fireballs down at my feet! Burn, baby, burn! Invisibility works well, too. Sometimes if you back away about 5 to 10 paces ita monster forgets about you completely. You can tell by watching it and waiting for it to start dawdling around and it'll turn it's back to you. Then you can sneak up and backstab it. If you run away far enough after the backstab and the spell is still in effect, you can do this repeatedly!
Which reminds me. One time I was in a room where there was a mummy and a wereboar in their own cage. I backed away just out of harms reach and PICKEDpicked THEIRtheir POCKETS!pockets. Yes, you can actually pick a monster's pocket. So now, I go into steal mode and slam the space bar as I'm fighting any monster. My pickpocket skill has skyrocketed. Sure beats training for it or ticking off town guards by going after the peasants.
=== '''Strategies Against Tough Monsters''' ===
I have collected a small set of strategies on how to cope with some of the tough spell casting monsters/enemies. Note that the fact that I'm using a standard warrior (level 13) means that I cannot rely too much to spell casting myself, but on the other hand I'm quite good in close combat.
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