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Fighting Strategies
=== '''Fighting Strategies''' ===
When using the View Interface, one can easily back up while fighting, which can help prevent one from being hit at all. A hit the on the monster causes it to be knocked back, and if the character backs up quickly enough, the monster will not have a chance to attack before the character is ready to strike a blow. By the time the monster has advanced enough to strike, the character can swing again, back up...etc. This can be a very handy tactic.
Just make sure you have enough room (small rooms can prevent this tactic) and don't step off a large drop. (I can see me doing this: "Ah-ha...I have you").
The spells ''Spell Absorption'' and ''Spell Reflection'' can make one virtually indestructable. Note that spell absorption can also absorb your own spells. Handy for taking out that monster at really close range with fireballs or whatnot.
It's often possible to position yourself behind an object such that you can hit your opponent without your opponent hitting you (both using melee weapons). For instance, if you hide behind a shelf in a store, the guards can't hit you but you can hit them.
While much of your fighting will most likely take place in dungeons, the wilderness does also offeroffers combat if you look for it. The best method is to merely rest for a while and something will come along, and usually with some pretty good loot if you manage to kill it. Remember that spells that work on a Target-At-Range are difficult or impossible to land while outside so stick to regular weapons or area effect spells.
Although poisoned weapons were initially intended they are not present in the game, no matter what you may read or see in the game.
If you need to quickly change weapons in the middle of a fight (for example, from a two-handed weapon to a one-handed weapon combined with the spellbreaker shield to fight a lich, or from a bow to a melee weapon), go to your inventory and equip the weapon, then change to your character sheet and wait -; you'll get the message "(hand) equipped" after a few seconds. Then go back to the game, and your weapons will be changed.
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