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Morrowind:Moroni Uvelas

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{{NPC Summary
|city=[[Morrowind:Vivec (city)|Vivec]], [[Morrowind:St. Olms|St. Olms]] Canton
|loc=Brewers and Fishmongers Hall ([[#Map|See map]])
|imgdesc=Moroni Uvelas
'''Moroni Uvelas''' is a [[Morrowind:Dunmer|Dunmer]] woman who runs a small liquor store in the [[Morrowind:St.Brewers Olms|St.and Olms]]Fishmongers CantonHall, located in the western corridor of [[Morrowind:VivecVicec (city)|Vivec]]'s [[Morrowind:St. Olms|St. Olms]] Canton waistworks. Her husband Danar is a known [[Morrowind:Skooma|Skooma]]-addict, and has recently [[Morrowind:The Short Unhappy Life of Danar Uvelas|gone missing]].
==Related Quests==
|'''[[Morrowind:Random drinks 01|random_drinks_01]]'''||20
[[Image:MW-Map-VivecServicesStOlms1.jpg|thumb|left|600px|Moroni Uvelas can be found in the Brewers and Fishmongers Hall, which is marked by an orange dot.]]

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