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Finding Residences At Night
==Finding Residences At Night==
Since I have a vampire character I hang around at night. You know, finding stores or residences at night is disgusting. You go to a tavern and ask people around which way it is, but you can never have the exact answer. But I found a way. Go to the Mages' Guild (assuming there is one; if there isn't one, this will not work) in the city you are seeking the residence/shop. Visit the teleporter (again, if you have enough rank), select teleport, don't go anywhere and exit. You hear the night's sound in the guild, and it is dark just like you are outside. Ask someone in the guild the location, and they will mark it on your map. Go out, do your quest. So easy!
Another method of finding someone if no one will talk to you (usually your hated or a lycanthrope for a period of time) is going into a store, tavern, or house and asking the occupants there for directions. Once you have the general direction, find another building in that area (most preferably a tavern or store for landmarks) and asking again for the same thing. This can help narrow down where your searching.
==Finding People==

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