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Dungeon Exploration Method
* If you find yourself getting deeper into a dungeon (especially the bigger ones) try to map everything on the current floor first. By this I mean don't go up or down anything, and check behind every door.
* A method used by some is upon entering a dungeon, start following a passage wall to either the left or right side. Go through all doors, use all elevators and teleporters, but keep following that wall until you either find the quest object or get back to the entrance. If you get back to the entrance, save the game, and then follow the other wall (the one across from the entrance). If you get back to the entrance again, save the game and start following passages that you didn't take the first two times. The method works . It's not very thorough, but it will get you to the quest object eventually.
* Another method is searching a dungeon by sections. If you look at your map, you will see that your arrow is on a particular type of flooring. The section method requires that you explore ONLY the areas with that kind of flooring until you have cleared out all of that section. Then you move on to another section and clear it. And so forth until you reach the quest object. It is a very thorough method of exploration, but time-consuming. This is not a bad thing if you have a lot of time on your hands, but it is not designed to get you to your destination quickly.
* I've never found anything underwater...granted I've heard stories of people finding their target underwater, but as a whole, nothing is down there except the occasional dreugh and the odd zombie.
Granted, there are going to be exceptions to these rules, but for the most part they work well (don't ask me for help on those funky red brick doors though...haven't found a good way to work with them yet...just keep wandering).
There will be times in almost any dungeon where you will encounter a locked door, red brick door, teleporter (can be a floating skull or other item), trapdoor (usually with teleporters), water, traps, and magically locked doors.
* For locked doors and magically locked doors, there are a few solutions; try picking the lock, cast an 'open' spell (home-made or standard both work), cast a spell like fireball, or just use your hands/feet to bash the door open. If you use the last, use either a low material item (like iron or steel) or your hands and feet. Using a weapon wears it down fast.
* Water can be overcome with a water walking/breathing spell, or, in some cases, completely avoided if the quest location is not past the water.
* You can find traps if your walking along and your vision starts to sway and you don't have any monsters in the passageway/room/etc and either your health or magicka are drained. If you don't have a 'levitate' spell, don't go on.
* Red brick doors have a few possibilities, but before even going NEAR one you should ALWAYS SAVE. They can be in a doorway (where another part would connect) or can be in the middle of a room (these are activated by clicking on them. If you enter, you can be teleported, hurt, or nothing at all will happen.
* Trapdoors usually have a series of teleporters in the dungeon. To get through a trapdoor, go through the teleporters until you see a lever, activate it, and go through the teleporters until your back at the trapdoor. Go down with a levitate spell to avoid having broken legs at the bottom.
After you have played the game for a while, you will start to notice patterns to the dungeons. This is a by-product of the dungeon creation process. Daggerfall dungeons are modular. The Main Quest dungeons were painstakingly constructed by hand, but the random dungeons take pieces of the Main Quest dungeons and sling them together in various forms. This is why players get a strange sense of "deja vu" in the random dungeons. They really have been here before. Once you reach this point, finding quest objects becomes much easier because each module only has one or two object locations. For example, when I find myself with a series of teleporters, I know that there is a quest object location under the trapdoor and the trapdoor is opened by a lever in one of the teleporter locations. So I go through the teleporters until I get to the lever, pull it, and then keep going through teleporters until I appear over the trapdoor (hopefully with an active "Levitate" so I don't break a leg falling down the hole when I appear). Remember where you find quest objects and the next time you wind up in the same module, you'll have a good idea of where to look.
==Levitating Tricks==

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