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*'''Summer 1995 - Daggerfall FAQ Website''': Early in the life of the WWW, the text FAQ was converted into a web page at
*'''Fall 1995 - UESP Born''': After some discussion/ideas with the other two editors of the FAQ, I created the UESP web site to include information about all the ''Elder Scrolls'' games. It was shortly after this that the two other FAQ editors dropped out of sight. *'''Fall 1996 - Daggerfall Released''': If I got the date right, this was a very busy time and the UESP expanded considerably with Daggerfall information. *'''1997 - Site Moved''': I moved the site to the donated site (thanks to Moose) once the newforce server started charging based on bandwidth instead of a flat monthly charge (it would have increased the site fee from something like 10$ to over 100$ a month). I'm unsure of the exact move date. *'''2000 - Site Moved, Again''': Due to problems at the donated honesty site, I moved to the donated site (which had its network connection graciously donated by Bethesda, thanks!). Again, exact date is uncertain. *'''January 2004 - Site Moved, Again''': After m0use being down for a few months, I purchased and moved the site to the domain on a virtual server hosted by Canaca. Hopefully this will be the last move for a while.  *'''February 2005 - Started Change to Wiki Format''': After much research and testing, I decided to move to a Wiki based site. This lets the ES community add and edit the site content as the site has gotten so large I cannot devote enough time to properly maintain it.
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