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* Calm is useful if you are trying to fight with ranged weapons or spells in a confined area. Calm the enemy, and run out to put some distance between you.
* Calm is basically a crowd controlling effect. Such effects are exceptional for combat in high difficulty games.
* Calm Humanoid is a useful spell when you need to do some unfriendly things to NPCs but don't want to kill them. One such trick is to steal an NPC's armor... cough [[Morrowind:Divayth Fyr|Divayth Fyr]] cough... by first casting [[Morrowind:Disintegrate Armor|Disintegrate Armor]] on them until it breaks, casting Calm to stop them from attacking you, then finally pickpocketing the broken armor. This is a bit of an exploit, however, so many players will choose to avoid doing this.
==Related Effects==

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