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Oblivion Mod:Formid

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In-Game Modindex: Update
In-game console commands will generally not accept editorids -- instead, you'll usually have to enter the formid of the data object that you want to work with. If the data object that you're interested in is a placed object, then you can simply bring up the console and click on it to see the formid. But if it's something like an object that you want to add to the player's inventory, then you'll need to know both the objectindex and the in-game modindex of your plugin. The objectindex is easy -- it's the same as the objectindex that you see in CS4.
The modindex is easiest to find through use of the one of the modding tools:
However, the modindex is bit harder to get -- it's the load position of your mod as zero based, hexadecimal number. Urk! Luckily there are a couple of ways to get this number:
* UseUsing [ Wrye Bash].
** In the SavesMods tab, selectfind yourthe mod. ItsThe mastersmodindices willfor beall listedactive alongmods withare theirlisted respective modindices onin the right handsecond sidecolum of the windowdisplay.
** ''Note:'' The listed modindex may not be accurate if the save is not "blue".
* Or, click on an object that the mod placed into the game.
** You might want to place an object into the game world for the sole purpose of reading the modindex off it while in game.
===Mod Conflict and Isolation===

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