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'''Fighting Strategies'''
Arrows can be shot through doors (and walls if in the void).
Switching from melee weapon to bow takescan forevertake a dangerously long time, unfortunately. I assumeRaising the speed attribute will help this...but IUsing stillarchery thinkonly itagainst shouldisolated beopponents Ione usuallyway onlyto usecompensate myfor bowslow whenloading thetimes enemyof is isolated from mearrows. IThe attack and then /retreat to wait for mythe bow to reload, whichis preventsanother the creature from attacking me with a ranged attack if it has onetactic.
It's often possible to position yourself behind an object such that you can hit your opponent without your opponent hitting you (both using melee weapons). For instance, if you hide behind a shelf in a store, the guards can't hit you but you can hit them.
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