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Skyrim:Guests for Dinner

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If you are not a vampire this quest has a different narrative and outcome. Once you arrive at the manor you will have to go and speak to the [[Skyrim:Waiter|waiter]], no matter what you say the outcome will be the same, with him handing you the [[Skyrim:Dinner Menu|dinner menu]] and you being directed to your seat.
As you sit down you will have to read a note named [[Skyrim:Please Read Aloud|Please Read Aloud]], after you are done reading the letter, the waiter will approach [[Skyrim:Galtius|Galtius]] and bite him from behind, killing him. The bard in the room, the waiter and two gargoyles will begin to attack you, deal with them and then talk to the Orc [[Skyrim:Dawnguard (NPC)Durian|Dawnguardmember]] member:
:'''The vampires are all dead. And the will says the house belongs to me.'''
He will then hand you 500 gold, you will also now own the manor.

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