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Books:Greg Keyes Novels/Colin Vineben

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When Hierem appeared back in his quarters, Colin attempted to kill him, but paused, suddenly remembering the man he had killed to join the Penitus Oculatus. Hierem hit him with a demoralizing spell, leaving Colin defenseless on the floor wrapped up in his own misery. Letine unsuccessfully tried to kill Hierem, and when Hierem nearly killed Letine, Colin found the strength to try and stop him. His attack distracted Hierem long enough a daedra that had been summoned to attack and kill him..Colin helped Letine up and she stabbed him in the ribs. She said only that she was owed something after ten years and that she was going to collect on it, stole the Daedric weapon that Hierem had been using, and left.
A badly wounded Colin followed Letise up the stairs of the White-Gold Tower. He commented that he'd realized that she meant to steal its power. She was stunned to find him still alive, and tells him that Hierem wanted to steal Umbriel's power to make him a god, and now she wanted the same. He threw the knife she'd used to stab him, and it hit her in the eye, killing her. Out the window the floating island was nearly close enough to touch the building when suddenly he saw it vanish. Colin slowly lost consciousness and died, finally at peace.

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