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Skyrim:Faldar's Tooth

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Bloodthirst-related info
* {{Quest Link|Arniel's Endeavor}}
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* {{Quest Link|Bloodthirst (quest)}}
{{Skyrim Radiant Quest Note}}
[[File:SR-interior-Faldar's Tooth 05.jpg|left|thumb|Fighting pit]]This door leads into an area with a central caged area, which has a novice lock and contains two leveled wolves and benches all around, a table and chairs, a sideboard holding mead barrels, and a master-locked caged counter where the bandits seem to accept bets on the outcomes of the fights. Against the north wall are two cages; the first contains a dead [[Skyrim:Dark Elf (dead)|Dark Elf]] and has a novice lock, while the second is empty except for a bucket of dog meat and has a master lock. This implies that some of the fights aren't always just between wolves. The central pit area is splattered with blood and quite a bit has splashed the floor outside the cage. There are bales of straw in the eastern corner, on which is a small coin purse. There are several loose septims on the round table.
[[File:SR-interior-Faldar's Tooth 06.jpg|right|thumb|Cashier's cage]]Inside the caged counter area is an unlocked chest with a small coin purse on the floor, and under the counter are seven coin purses of different sizes, a random [[Skyrim:Bow|bow]], two steel arrows, a quiver of iron arrows, some loose septims, and a leveled healing potion. If you have started the [[Skyrim:Bloodthirst (quest)|Bloodthirst]] quest{{CC|Dawnfang & Duskfang}}, you will also find the [[Skyrim:Cage Bandit's Note|Cage Bandit's Note]] under the counter. On the countertop are more loose septims, an [[Skyrim:Iron Dagger|iron dagger]], and a bottle of [[Skyrim:Wine|wine]]. There is a narrow corridor heading west with a few loose septims on the floor, which after a couple turns opens into a room with a bandit standing over a dead wolf on a table in the middle of the room; a second is patrolling between this half of the room and the other half to the left through a central gap. A third bandit is standing in the other part of the room, but will come running along with at least one wolf if alerted by fighting. There are an unlocked cage on your right containing a dead wolf, a [[Skyrim:Tanning Rack|tanning rack]] in the corner to your left, and two long tables in front of you with a dead wolf, three common books, two random empty [[Skyrim:Soul Gems|soul gems]], and an iron dagger on top. Behind this is a pressure plate that triggers a spike wall, and if you drop something on it, it enables you to walk behind it into an alcove containing a [[Skyrim:Steel Warhammer|steel warhammer]], an adept-locked chest, and a lever that operates the spike wall. On the north wall is a novice-locked wooden door that opens to reveal a small alcove containing a set of shelves with a potion of minor healing, a potion of minor magicka, two potions of minor stamina, a leveled healing potion, a random potion, a random [[Skyrim:Poisons|poison]], and a common book.[[File:SR-interior-Faldar's Tooth 07.jpg|right|thumb|Butchering a wolf]]
The second half of this room to the left contains, at the eastern end, an adept-locked cage containing a wolf, and opposite this are three sets of shelves holding an [[Skyrim:Iron Helmet|iron helmet]], two pairs of [[Skyrim:Iron Gauntlets|iron gauntlets]], a [[Skyrim:Hide Shield|hide shield]], two pairs of [[Skyrim:Iron Boots|iron boots]], a [[Skyrim:Leather Helmet|leather helmet]], three [[Skyrim:Wolf Pelt|wolf pelts]], and a woodcutter's axe. There is an [[Skyrim:Oil Slicks|oil slick]] along the middle of the floor. In the middle of the southern wall is a master-locked wooden door, with an alcove behind it containing shelves filled with a [[Skyrim:Satchel|satchel]], a [[Skyrim:Salt Pile|salt pile]], two [[Skyrim:Rock Warbler Egg|rock warbler eggs]], a [[Skyrim:Canis Root|canis root]], and a [[Skyrim:Dragon's Tongue|dragon's tongue]] flower. Two more apprentice-locked cages—one empty, one with a dead [[Skyrim:Dog|dog]] inside—are to the right of this door. Opposite these are another two cages both adept-locked and containing wolves. There is a woodcutter's axe resting on a broken pillar in the center of this part of the room, and a partially flooded narrow corridor is found to the west with a couple samples of hanging moss growing from the ceiling. That corridor leads to a curved semi-circular room with the wooden gate you encountered shortly after entering and a sideboard against the wall opposite holding two bottles of wine and several empties. The room continues around to the left with a sideboard and wooden table against the east wall holding a set of [[Skyrim:Iron Armor|iron armor]] and a Nord mead. Against the west wall are a pair of unlocked cages guarded by a bandit.

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