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Online:Symphony of Blades

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they are not mournful aegises as they do not guard crypts of yokudans, nor are powered by yokudan magic
|image=ON-creature-Symphony of Blades.jpg
|imgdesc=The Symphony of Blades in Depths of Malatar
|race=Mournful Aegis
The '''Symphony of Blades''' is the final boss of the [[ON:Depths of Malatar|Depths of Malatar]]. It is [[ON:King Narilmor|King Narilmor]] transformed into an avatar of Meridia's power, in the image of an [[ON:Auroran|Auroran]] suit of armor with [[ON:Mournful Aegis|four arms and blades]]. In Veteran mode, burning the Dictates of the Lady of Light will trigger hard mode, where it will now summon colored [[ON:Dark Orb|dark orbs]].
During the fight, it can summon the four colors of Aurorans to aid itself, which will converge from each corner of the room to join it in the center and empower it. It will also summon the [[ON:Auroran (NPC)|Auroran Phalanx]], a formation of Aurorans that march with Meridia's Light at their side and will empower the Symphony of Blades if they cross paths.
|imgdesc=The Symphony of Blades in the Colored Rooms
|loc=Colored Rooms, [[ON:Depths of Malatar|Depths of Malatar]]
|race=Mournful Aegis
|health={{ESO Veteran|normal=2189182|veteran=12972516}} (Maximum)<br >{{ESO Veteran|veteran=14918428}} (Hardmode)
*Though the type of Daedra is unknown, Loremaster [[General:Leamon Tuttle|Leamon Tuttle]] gave them the nickname "Meridimincers" in jest.
* "Symphony of Blades" is the name of one of the attacks of [[ON:Mournful Aegis|Mournful Aegis]]es.
**They are comparable in appearance to [[ON:Mournful Aegis|Mournful Aegises]] and [[Online:Air Atronach|Air Atronach]]
* "Symphony of Blades" is the name of one of the attacks of [[ON:Mournful Aegis|Mournful Aegis]]esAegises.

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