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Daggerfall:Easter Eggs

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The name of the dragon ''[[Daggerfall:Skakmat|Skakmat]]'' is a reference to his role. ''"Skak Mat"'' is Danish for ''"Checkmate"''. The dragon facilitates the death of a king on a battlefield like a chess piece being part of a checkmate on the chess board.
==Cultural References==
===Name Generation===
The name generator may appear random, but many of the part-names are there because of some references to other works and history:
;Greek history, legends and mythology: Andro-cles, Aph-rodite, Art-emis, Ath-ena, Her-acles, Maced-onia, and Per-seus (Argonian)
;The Lord of the Rings: Ara-gorn, Lego-las (Wood Elf), Gan-dalf, Saru-man, and Sau-ron (High Elf)
;King Arthur: Ava-lon (Dark Elf), Gwyn-yvyra, and Morg-anna (Breton)
;Roman history: August-us, Cae-sar, Calig-ula, Ca-ssius, Gal-lus, German-icus, Jul-ius, Pil-ate, Tib-erius (Argonian)
;Tristan and Isolde: Trist-ane, and Ys-olda (Breton)
;Islamic history and legends: Ak-bar, Moham-med, Sha-hrazad (Khajiit)
;Jewish mythology: Lil-ith (Dark Elf)
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