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Lore:Rada al-Saran

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Rada's plan began in earnest in [[Lore:Skyrim|Skyrim]]. In Eastern Skyrim, he had the Icereach Coven abduct [[Lore:Jorunn|Jorunn the Skald-King]] in an attempt to turn him into a vampiric sleeper agent, but this plot was foiled by the intervention of the [[Lore:Vestige|Vestige]] and [[Lore:Lyris Titanborn|Lyris Titanborn]].{{ref|name=TCC|Events of [[ON:The Coven Conundrum|The Coven Conundrum]] in [[ON:Online|ESO]]}} In Western Skyrim, Rada personally approached High King [[Lore:Svargrim|Svargrim]] of [[Lore:Solitude|Solitude]], offering him incredible power in exchange for his servitude. Eager for any power to finally prove his superiority to his hated rival Jorunn, Svargrim eagerly accepted Rada's offer, allowing his agents free reign across Western Skyrim.{{ref|name=ESOTGH|Events of [[ON:The Gray Host|The Gray Host]] in [[ON:Online|ESO]]}} Rada's ultimate goal was to unleash a massive Harrowstorm within Solitude, but this was foiled when the Vestige, with the help of Lyris, the Altmer vampire Fennorian, and Svargrim's own daughter Svana, exposed the High-King's treachery and slew him. Rada al-Saran had already left by this point, seemingly unconcerned with whether Svargrim would succeed or fail.{{ref|name=ESOGR|Events of [[ON:Greymoor Rising|Greymoor Rising]] in [[ON:Online|ESO]]}}
Subsequently after, Rada al-Saran and his Gray Host encroached on the Reach looking for the [[Lore:Dark Heart|Dark Heart]] to sever their contract with Molag Bal, slaughtering any Reach clans that stood in their path. Seeking to revitalize her [[Lore:Nighthollow Clan|Nighthollow Clan]], Lady Belain, who had made a pact with Rada centuries before, joined al-Saran. She was planted as an advisor to [[Lore:Ard Caddach|Ard Caddach]] and convinced him to encourage the fearful Reach clans to take refuge in [[Lore:Markarth|Markarth]]. This was, in actuality, a ploy to gather mortals to be sacrificed to fuel the reawakening of the Dark Heart.{{ref|name=ESODM|Events of [[Online:The Despot of Markarth|The Despot of Markarth]] in [[Online:ESO|ESO]]}}
After being discovered as an ally of Rada by The Vestige and [[Lore:House Ravenwatch|House Ravenwatch]], Lady Belain hurried to rally the Ghostsong Clan to enact the Prophecy of the Dark Heart. Those who deserted the clan were quickly killed, while the willing were sacrificed to the Dark Heart. Arana, a dissident of the Ghostsong clan, aided the hero in discovering the Ghostsong's hideout, and discovered that Nathari had primed the reawakening of the Heart. Many shades came forth, and Nathari herself was transformed to a voidmother and was slain. The victory brought the Heart to a temporary stasis.{{ref|name=ESOAD|Events of [[Online:The Awakening Darkness|The Awakening Darkness]] in [[Online:ESO|ESO]]}}

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