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What a predictably mortal question.
Few principles apply to all Daedra. We are as numerous and distinct as the grains of sand in your {{Lore Link|Alik'r}} desert. Some Daedra are shaped by the will of a Prince—{{Lore Link|Auroran}}sPrince—Aurorans, {{Lore Link|Crow Daedra|Nocturnal's crows}}, and those bizarre mutants, the {{Lore Link|dro-m'Athra}}, for example. Others wander Oblivion eschewing any formal alliances with Daedric Princes—notably the {{Lore Link|Elemental Daedra|atronachs}} and countless morphotypes never beheld by mortal eyes. Most of the Daedra known to mortals fall somewhere in between. We Dremora pledge our allegiance to beings who display the greatest measure of will. In most cases, that means a Daedric Prince.

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