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{{Lore Book
|source=*[[Lore:Elder Scrolls Online - Loremaster's Archive|ESO Loremaster's Archive]] ([ link])
|lorenote=The original Q&A was held [ here].
|author={{Lore Link|Lyranth}}
|description=A Dremora answers lore questions regarding Daedra
'''"I've heard rumors about {{Lore Link|Meridia}}n Daedra describable as [[Lore:Auroran|Auroran]] armor inhabited by beings of sentient light. Do you know what race these Daedra are?'''
'''I've seen many kinds of armor and weapons made of {{Lore Link|ebony}} bound to {{Lore Link|Vestige (soul)|Daedric souls}}, such as the set of armor in the {{Lore Link|Telvanni}} style worn by the famed {{Lore Link|Divayth Fyr}}. What determines the aesthetics of [[Lore:Daedric Equipment|Daedric armaments]]?'''
'''What is the relationship between Mehrunes Dagon and {{Lore Link|Hircine}} like?"'''

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