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;{{Lore Link|Akatosh}}: The Dragon God of Time is acknowledged as the first of the gods to emerge from the Beginning Place. He embodies endurance, invincibility, and everlasting legitimacy.{{ref|group=BK|name=VOF}} Akatosh is hailed by the {{Lore Link|Akatosh Chantry}} in the Iliac Bay, and the {{Lore Link|Order of the Hour}} is his sword.{{ref|[[Daggerfall:Akatosh Chantry|Akatosh Chantry]] faction information in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}}{{ref|name=OOTH|[[Daggerfall:Order of the Hour|Order of the Hour]] faction information in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}} He is the patron deity of {{Lore Link|Wayrest (kingdom)}} and the {{Lore Link|Isle of Balfiera}}.{{ref|Patron deities for [[Daggerfall:Wayrest|Wayrest]] and the [[Daggerfall:Isle of Balfiera|Isle of Balfiera]] in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}}
;{{Lore Link|Arkay}}: Arkay (also spelled Ark'ay){{ref|group=BK|name=ATGOBAD|{{Cite Book|Ark'ay, the God of Birth and Death}}}} is the god of burials and funeral rites, and is associated with the seasons.{{ref|group=BK|name=VOF}} According to a [[Lore:Ark'ay, the God of Birth and Death|Breton story]], Arkay was originally a mortal who ascended to godhood. As the God of the Cycle of Birth and Death,{{ref|name=TDCP11|{{Cite Book|The Daggerfall Chronicles|ns_base=Books}}}} he is charged with keeping the balance of death and life in the universe.{{ref|group=BK|name=ATGOBAD}} In the Iliac Bay, the {{Lore Link|Order of Arkay}} celebrates the Blessed Neutrality that Arkay stands for. They do not offer blessings, for to give favor or disfavor upon one would upset the eternal balance. Their libraries and sages are some of the finest in Tamriel.{{ref|[[Daggerfall:Order of Arkay|Order of Arkay]] faction information in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}} The {{Lore Link|Knights of the Circle}} are the military arm of the Order.{{ref|name=KOTC|[[Daggerfall:Knights of the Circle|Knights of the Circle]] faction information in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}} Arkay is the patron deity of the {{Lore Link|Ilessan Hills}} and {{Lore Link|Shalgora}}.{{ref|Patron deities for [[Daggerfall:Shalgora|Shalgora]] and the [[Daggerfall:Ilessan Hills|Ilessan Hills]] in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}} Arkay is also the patron of {{Lore Link|House Tamrith}}, who are devout followers of the Light.{{ref|[[Online:Contraband H#House Tamrith Prayer Shawl|House Tamrith Prayer Shawl]] item description in [[Online:ESO|ESO]]}}{{ref|[[Online:Contraband I#Inspirational Illuminations of the Light|Inspirational Illuminations of the Light]] item description in [[Online:ESO|ESO]]}} The scions of House Tamrith study the Way of the Light and obey Arkay's teachings.{{ref|group=BK|{{Cite Book|House Tamrith: A Recent History}}}} Their holy symbols bear the crest of House Tamrith and the symbol of the Light of Arkay.{{ref|[[Online:Contraband H#House Tamrith Holy Symbol|House Tamrith Holy Symbol]] item description in [[Online:ESO|ESO]]}} Arkay's holy relics can be used to combat the undead.{{ref|name=ESOAlvaren|[[Online:Alvaren Garoutte|Alvaren Garoutte]]'s dialogue during [[Online:Archaic Relics|Archaic Relics]] in [[Online:ESO|ESO]]}}
[[File:DF-npc-Kynareth Statue.png|A statue of Kynareth (Daggerfall)|thumb|right]]
;{{Lore Link|Dibella}}: The Goddess of Beauty is very popular. She has many different cults dedicated to different aspects of her worship: some are dedicated to women, some to aesthetics and art, and others to erotic instruction.{{ref|group=BK|name=VOF}} In the late Third Era, similarly to Hammerfell, the {{Lore Link|House of Dibella}} was responsible for the administration of temples dedicated to Dibella in the province of High Rock, and its militant branch, the {{Lore Link|Order of the Lily}} was also active in the province at this time.{{ref|name=HOD|Faction information for the [[Daggerfall:House of Dibella|House of Dibella]] and the [[Daggerfall:Order of the Lily|Order of the Lily]] in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}} Dibella is the patron deity of the regions of [[Lore:Koegria|Koegria]] and [[Lore:Menevia (county)|Menevia]],{{ref|Patron deities for [[Daggerfall:Koegria|Koegria]] and [[Daggerfall:Menevia|Menevia]] in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}} and is venerated as a member of the Breton pantheon.{{Ref|group=BK|name=VOF}}
;[[Lore:Jephre|Jephre]]: Jephre (also known as Jeh Free){{Ref|group=BK|name=KEII|{{Cite Book|King Edward, Part II}}}} is the God of the Forest and the spirit of the "now". Jephre is typically considered an elven god, and is understood to have turned himself into the Earth Bones and establishing the laws of nature.{{ref|group=BK|name=VOF}} He is still revered by some Breton hunters and farmers.{{ref|group=BK|name=TIEGTT}} The Beldama Wyrd also worship him.{{ref|group=BK|name=WCONHR}} Bretons respect the Vicars of Jephre, a group of his adherents who are known defenders of the natural world.{{ref|[[Online:Costumes P#Priest of the Green|Priest of the Green]] costume description in [[Online:ESO|ESO]]}}
;{{Lore Link|Julianos}}: The God of Wisdom and Logic is a favorite of Breton mages. He is the god of history, literature, law and contradiction.{{ref|group=BK|name=VOF}} In the {{Lore Link|Iliac Bay}}, temples dedicated to him are known as [[Lore:School of Julianos|Schools of Julianos]].{{ref|Faction information on the [[Daggerfall:School of Julianos|School of Julianos]] in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}} As their name implies, these temples are considered educational institutions.{{ref|group=BK|name=TROZ|{{Cite Book|The Ransom of Zarek}}}} They are believed to have spread the term "magicka" to describe the "power associated with performing magic".{{ref|group=BK|name=KE12|{{Cite Book|King Edward, Part XII}}}} The templar knightly order associated with the School of Julianos is the {{Lore Link|Knights Mentor}}.{{ref|name=KM|Faction information on the [[Daggerfall:Knights Mentor|Knights Mentor]] in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}} Julianos is the patron deity of the regions of {{Lore Link|Lainlyn}},Daenia {{Lore Link|Daenia(duchy)}}, {{Lore Link|Dwynnen}} and {{Lore Link|Tulune}}.{{ref|Patron deities of [[Daggerfall:Lainlyn|Lainlyn]], [[Daggerfall:Daenia|Daenia]], [[Daggerfall:Dwynnen|Dwynnen]] and [[Daggerfall:Tulune|Tulune]] in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}}
[[File:DF-npc-Stendarr Statue.png|thumb|left|A statue of Stendarr (Daggerfall)]]
;{{Lore Link|Kynareth}}: The Goddess of Air is a patron to sailors and travelers. Legend holds she was the first to agree to Lorkhan's idea to invent the mortal plane, and she provided a space for its creation. Kynareth is associated with rain.{{ref|group=BK|name=VOF}} The island of {{Lore Link|Betony}} is considered holy land of Kynareth. This was a factor for {{Lore Link|Daggerfall (kingdom)}}'s involvement in the {{Lore Link|War of Betony}}. It was also the reason why the conflict escalated to the {{Lore Link|Battle of Cryngaine Field}} which ended the war.{{Ref|group=BK|name=DFNarrative|{{Cite Book|The Daggerfall Chronicles/Narrative|ns_base=BK}}}} The {{Lore Link|Temple of Kynareth}} does her work in the Iliac Bay. In the Third Era, her Temple contained the greatest physicians in Tamriel; their ability to cure magical and mundane diseases was said to be unrivaled.{{ref|[[Daggerfall:Temple of Kynareth|Temple of Kynareth]] faction information in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}} The {{Lore Link|Kynaran Order}} is the militant arm of the Temple.{{ref|name=KynOr|[[Daggerfall:Kynaran Order|Kynaran Order]] faction information in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}} Kynareth is the patron deity of {{Lore Link|Alcaire (fiefdom)}}, {{Lore Link|Daggerfall (kingdom)}} and the {{Lore Link|Wrothgarian Mountains}}.{{ref|Patron deities of [[Daggerfall:Alcaire|Alcaire]], [[Daggerfall:Daggerfall (Region)|Daggerfall]] and the [[Daggerfall:Wrothgarian Mountains|Wrothgarian Mountains]] in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}} The air spirits Amaro, Pina, and Tallatha, are acknowledged as the fingers of Kynareth by the Skeffington Coven.{{Ref|{{Cite Book|2920, Hearth Fire (v9)}}}}
;[[Lore:Magnus|Magnus]]: Magnus is the god of sorcery, who withdrew from creation at the last second. He is represented by a golden eye, an astrolabe or a telescope, but a staff is his most common symbol. Legend holds that he can possess powerful wizards and lend them power.{{ref|group=BK|name=VOF}} Breton followers of Magnus sometimes use wicker effigies as stand-ins for themselves when performing certain rituals.{{ref|[[Online:Contraband/Ritual Objects#Magnus Cult Wicker Effigy|Magnus Cult Wicker Effigy]] item description and appearance as a common contraband item from Glenumbra in [[Online:ESO|ESO]]}}
[[File:ON-misc-Zenithar Glass.jpg|right|100px|Stained glass depicting Zenithar|thumb]]
;{{Lore Link|Mara}}: Mara is the Mother-Goddess, and is married to Akatosh in Breton lore.{{ref|group=BK|name=VOF}} She is the patron deity of several regions of High Rock, such as [[Lore:Anticlere|Anticlere]], [[Lore:Betony|Betony]], [[Lore:Glenumbra Moors (barony)|Glenumbra Moors]], and [[Lore:Northmoor|Northmoor]].{{ref|Patron deities of [[Daggerfall:Anticlere|Anticlere]], [[Daggerfall:Betony|Betony]], [[Daggerfall:Glenumbra Moors|Glenumbra Moors]] and [[Daggerfall:Northmoor|Northmoor]] in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}} In Anticlere, the 21st of Last Seed is known as [[Daggerfall:Holidays#Last Seed|Appreciation Day]], an ancient holiday of thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest. It is considered a holy and contemplative day devoted to Mara, the goddess-protector of the region.{{ref|[[Daggerfall:Holidays#Appreciation Day|Appreciation Day]] in [[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|''Daggerfall'']]}} Temples dedicated to the Divine are administered by the [[Lore:Benevolence of Mara|Benevolence of Mara]], a religious organization dedicated to Mara and her teachings, and can be found in major urban centers throughout the province.{{ref|name=DFBenevolence|Faction information for the [[Daggerfall:Benevolence of Mara|Benevolence of Mara]] in [[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|''Daggerfall'']]}} The [[Lore:Maran Knights|Maran Knights]] are a controversial knightly order dedicated to Mara and the protection of her temples.{{ref|name=MK|Faction information for the [[Daggerfall:Maran Knights|Maran Knights]] in [[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|''Daggerfall'']]}}
;[[Lore:Phynaster|Phynaster]]: Phynaster is an Altmer hero-god who is the patron deity and teacher of the Direnni. He is often worshipped by Breton mages who care about their elven blood.{{ref|group=BK|name=VOF}}
;{{Lore Link|Stendarr}}: Stendarr (also known as Shandar) is known as the God of Mercy, and is the patron of magistrates, rulers, and knights errant. He is a god of compassion and righteous rule.{{ref|group=BK|name=VOF}} Temples dedicated to the Divine can be found throughout the Iliac Bay and are administered by the {{Lore Link|Temple of Stendarr}}, a religious organization dedicated to Stendarr and his teachings, which offered healing and training to the population of the Iliac Bay. Some mock their compassion, calling them sentimental fools and tenderhearts; but everyone comes crawling to Stendarr when Sai, the God of Luck, abandons them.{{ref|name=DFStendarr|Faction information for the [[Daggerfall:Temple of Stendarr|Temple of Stendarr]] in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}} The {{Lore Link|Crusaders}}, also known as the Knights of Stendarr, are a knightly order dedicated to Stendarr which protect his temples against its adversaries, such as the {{Lore Link|Citadel of Ebonarm}}.{{ref|name=DFCrusaders|Faction information for the [[Daggerfall:Crusaders|Crusaders]] in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}} Stendarr is the patron deity of {{Lore Link|Bhoriane}}, {{Lore Link|Phrygias}} and {{Lore Link|Urvaius}}.{{ref|Patron deities of [[Daggerfall:Urvaius|Urvaius]], [[Daggerfall:Bhoriane|Bhoriane]] and [[Daggerfall:Phrygias|Phrygias]] in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}}
;{{Lore Link|Zenithar}}: Zenithar (often shortened to Z'en) is the God of Work and Commerce is a cultivated god of merchants, artisans, and middle nobility. His faithful tout him as a god "that will always win".{{ref|group=BK|name=VOF}} He teaches Bretonkind that they will be rewarded if they work hard. He also teaches them to be wise in their spending, and to never steal from others. Many of his rewards are those of the spirit: being productive, whether farming, smithing, or creating, honors Zenithar. Zenithar wishes for his faithful to find joy in their work.{{ref|group=BK|{{Cite Book|Mysteries of the Divines}}}} In the Iliac Bay, the {{Lore Link|Resolution of Zenithar}} pays heed to the god.{{ref|name=ResoZen|[[Daggerfall:Resolution of Zenithar|Resolution of Zenithar]] faction information in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}} Zenithar is not merely the God of Merchants and Commerce; he is also a warrior god. The militant arm of the Resolution, the {{Lore Link|Knights of Iron}}, represent this part of him.{{ref|[[Daggerfall:Knights of Iron|Knights of Iron]] faction information in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}} Zenithar is the patron deity of {{Lore Link|Gavaudon (fiefdom)}}, {{Lore Link|Kambria}} and {{Lore Link|Glenpoint}}.{{ref|Patron deities of [[Daggerfall:Gavaudon|Gavaudon]], [[Daggerfall:Kambria|Kambria]] and [[Daggerfall:Glenpoint|Glenpoint]] in ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}}
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