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Lore:Mehrunes Dagon

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===Second Era===
[[File:ON-quest-Blessings of the Eight 02.jpg|thumb|left|Dagon communes with the Veiled Queen through a flame]]
Mehrunes Dagon did not initially launch an invasion into Tamriel after the {{Lore Link|Soulburst}} in {{Year|2E 579}}.{{ref|name=FAAYQ}} Circa {{Year|2E 582}}, displeased with the rise of the tolerant [[Lore:Ayrenn|Queen Ayrenn]] and her [[Lore:Aldmeri Dominion|(First) Aldmeri Dominion]], [[Lore:Estre|High Kinlady Estre]] donned the role of the leader of the Altmeri separatists known as the [[Lore:Veiled Heritance|Veiled Heritance]]. In her desperate attempt to impede the pass of Queen Ayrenn and her troops to [[Lore:Firsthold|Firsthold]], she made a pact with Dagon. Estre summoned Daedra from the Deadlands in [[Lore:Dawnbreak|Dawnbreak]]'s abandoned mine. The Daedra set the town alight and murdered its citizens until the {{Lore Link|First Auridon Marines}} intervened and organized an evacuation. The marines managed to stop the hordes from spreading across the area, and an [[Lore:Hero#SoullessOne|Eye of the Queen]] came and defeated the [[Lore:Dremora|Dremora]] that orchestrated the assault.{{Ref|name=ESOAshes|[[Online:Through the Ashes|Through the Ashes]] quest in [[Online:Elder Scrolls Online|ESO]]}}
Per her agreement with Mehrunes Dagon, High Kinlady Estre unleashed more Daedra upon [[Lore:Torinaan|Torinaan]], a holy site of the Eight Divines in the north. She then moved on to her ultimate target, the city of {{Lore Link|Firsthold}}.{{Ref|name=ESOBOTE|[[Online:Blessings of the Eight|Blessings of the Eight]] quest in [[Online:Elder Scrolls Online|ESO]]}} Here, she was let into the city by its ruler, {{Lore Link|Rilis XIII|High Kinlord Rilis XIII}}, who remained oblivious to her true nature. Once inside, she opened four Oblivion Gates across the city, allowing her Daedric army to lay siege to Firsthold and kidnap the kinlord. Estre was slain by a hero and the Oblivion Gates were closed, but most of Firsthold was left in ruins.{{Ref|name=ESOSAT|[[Online:Sever All Ties|Sever All Ties]] quest in [[Online:Elder Scrolls Online|ESO]]}}
Several months later, Gilraen's husband, Fingaenion, reopened the portal in a desperate bid to save his wife. He hired the Undaunted to enter Oblivion and retrieve her, but they failed.{{ref|[[Online:Fingaenion|Fingaenion]]'s dialogue during [[Online:Return to Ash|Return to Ash]] in [[ON:Online|ESO]]}} Another group of Undaunted arrived hours later and successfully intervened. The adventurers went through the portal Fingaenion re-opened to enter the Knives of Discord, a region ruled by one of Mehrunes Dagon's lieutenants, [[Lore:Valkyn Skoria|Valkyn Skoria]].{{ref|name=GilraenRTA}} The Undaunted rescued Gilraen and their comrades, slew the Valkyn, and closed the portal.{{ref|name=ESORA|Events of [[Online:Return to Ash|Return to Ash]] in [[ON:Online|ESO]]}} Gilraen was worried that Mehrunes Dagon would seek her out, given that she facilitated the slaying of one of his lieutenants and fled the realm with his Razor.{{ref|name=GilraenRTA}}
====Flames of Ambition====
[[File:ON-trailer-Deadlands and Damnation-Dagon.jpg|thumb|right|Mehrunes Dagon bargaining with the Longhouse Emperors]]
[[Lore:Durcorach|Durcorach]] allied with a Witchmen coven, the {{Lore Link|Tagh Droiloch}}, and subdued all rival clans with their help through means involving Daedric bargains. By {{Year|2E 528}}, he became warlord commanding two thousand soldiers, which rose to ten thousand by {{Year|2E 529}}.{{Ref|name=HCP:TTD|{{Cite Book|High Chancellor's Papers: The Tagh Droiloch}}}} A deal was struck with Mehrunes Dagon to have Durcorach crowned, with his sorcerers performing countless tasks in wait for the day when the "final part of the arrangement" would be carried out and Dagon will "claim his due" with the {{Lore Link|Four Ambitions}}.{{ref|name=ADiS|{{Cite Book|A Deal is Struck|ns_base=Online}}}}
After Emperorship was passed to him, [[Lore:Moricar|Moricar]] "forged" the Ambitions, which were later entrusted to his son, [[Lore:Leovic|Leovic]]. Although the bargain was intended to maintain the [[Lore:Longhouse Emperors|Longhouse Emperors]] grip over Tamriel long after Durcorach's death, Leovic's decision to legalize Daedra worship led to a {{Lore Link|Varen's Rebellion|rebellion}}, which ended in Duke {{Lore Link|Varen Aquilarios}} slaying Leovic in the Imperial Throne Room.{{ref|name=EFEV|{{Cite Book|Eulogy for Emperor Varen}}}} Before his death, Leovic managed to hide the Four Ambitions across Tamriel,{{ref|name=ESOYoutube|group=UOL|[ The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood - Deadlands and Damnation] on the Bethesda Softworks Youtube Channel}} where they would be lost for a time.
===Third Era===

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