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===Khajiiti Pantheon===
As previously mentioned, Khajiit worship both Aedric and Daedric gods which they refer to as spirits.{{ref|name=CHAYQ}}{{ref|name=ESOSB}} Not all these deities are still worshipped by the modern religion, a result of many beingfactors, scrubbedsuch byas the scrubbing of the pantheon the Riddle'Thar cult,{{ref|name=ESOSB}} and thosethe whofear wishedof tobeing stickpersecuted tofor theirkeeping oldto faiththe beingolder persecutedfaith.{{ref|name=ESOClawStrike}} For simplicity, the spirits are categorized by the [[Lore:Spirits of Amun-dro|pre-ri'Datta texts]] written by Amun-dro, the Silent Priest, who sorted them as Sky, Worldly, Wandering, or Adversarial Spirits.{{ref|name=ESOSOA}} This type of categorization is still seen to an extent in the modern Khajiiti Religion.{{ref|name=VOFTK|{{Cite Book|Varieties of Faith: The Khajiit}}}}
====The Sky Spirits====

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