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===Khajiiti Pantheon===
As previously mentioned, Khajiit worship both Aedric and Daedric gods which they refer to as spirits.{{ref|name=CHAYQ}}{{ref|name=ESOSB}} Not all these deities are still worshipped by the modern religion, a result of many being scrubbed by the Riddle'Thar cult,{{ref|name=ESOSB}} and those who wished to stick to their old faith being persecuted.{{ref|name=ESOClawStrike}} For simplicity, the spirits are catagorizedcategorized by the [[Lore:Spirits of Amun-dro|pre-ri'Datta texts]] written by Amun-dro, the Silent Priest, who catagorizedsorted them as Sky, Worldly, Wandering, or Adversarial Spirits.{{ref|name=ESOSOA}} This type of categorization is still seen to an extent in the modern Khajiiti Religion.{{ref|name=VOFTK|{{Cite Book|Varieties of Faith: The Khajiit}}}}
====The Sky Spirits====
[[File:ON-item-Azurah's Gate.jpg|thumb|right|Depiction of Azurah, a Sky Spirit]]
'''{{Anchor|[[Lore:Azurah|Azurah]]}}''' (''Mother of All Khajiit / Goddess of Dusk and Dawn / Queen of the Night Sky / Favored Daughter of Fadomai'')<br>
The Khajiit name for Azura. She is the Sister to Nirni, the plane, and goddess upon which the Khajiiti dwell, Azurah is the goddess to whom the Khajiit attribute both their current form and the mysterious tie between them and the Lunar Lattice. She makes few appearances among Khajiiti myth apart from that of their origin.{{ref|name=VOFTK|{{Cite Book|Varieties of Faith: The Khajiit}}}} In some art, she is represented as a Khajiit with oversized eyes and star-like pupils.{{ref|name=GAI|Description of [[Online:Contraband_G#Golden Azurah Icon|Golden Azurah Icon]]}} In others, she depicted with three faces—of a Khajiit, a Mer, and a Human woman. Ancient Khajiit considered her an ancestor spirit and a teacher of the old ways.{{ref|name=ESOShando-ri|[[Online:Shando-ri|Shando-ri]]'s dialogue in [[Online:Elsweyr|ESO: Elsweyr]]}}
'''{{Anchor|[[Lore:Khenarthi|Khenarthi]]}}''' (''Goddess of the Winds / Gatherer of Waters / Elder Spirit of the Heavens'')<br>
'''{{Anchor|[[Lore:S'rendarr|S'rendarr]]}}''' (''The Runt / God of Mercy'')<br>
S'rendarr is revered by the Khajiit as a god of mercy, whose spheres include compassion, charity, and justice.{{ref|name=VoFK|{{cite book|Varieties of Faith: The Khajiit}}VOFTK}} In some Khajiit traditions he is portrayed as a runt and was birthed last in the first litter of Fadomai and Ahnurr.{{ref|name=WOCMA}} At least one of his cults fell afoul of the followers of Riddle'Thar during the time of the Epiphany when they refused to follow its edicts.{{ref|name=ESOClawStrike}} In Elsweyr, the adeptoriums which devoted to S'rendarr are known as houses of healing.{{ref|name=ESOSilhu-jo|[[Online:Silhu-jo|Silhu-jo]]'s dialogue in [[ON:Online|ESO]]}}
In day-to-day lives, many will invoke S'rendarr for protection.

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