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{{Lore Link|Ykalon}} is an area in the {{Lore Link|Iliac Bay}} region, before the Warp in the West it was a fiefdom, but then became a part of the Kingdom of Daggerfall after the Warp.{{Ref|name=WITW|{{Cite Book|The Warp in the West}}}} It is surrounded by {{Lore Link|Phrygias}} to the east, {{Lore Link|Urvaius}}, {{Lore Link|Daenia (duchy)}}, and the {{Lore Link|Ilessan Hills}} to the south, and {{Lore Link|Northmoor}} to the west. Its capital was the city of Ykalon. {{Lore Link|Castle Llugwych}}, one of the headquarters of the {{Lore Link|Blades}} is located in this region.
{{Lore Link|Thrafey}} vampires are known to stalk prey here, and the regional deity is {{Lore Link|Mara}}. Forces from Ykalon participated in the {{Lore Link|Battle of Firewaves}} which brought about the defeat of the {{Lore Link|Camoran Usurper}}.{{Ref|name=TFOTU|{{Cite Book|The Fall of the Usurper}}}} {{sic|Perserverance|Perseverance}} Day is a festival held every year by the people of Ykalon during [[Lore:Sun's Dawn|Sun's Dawn]], though it was originally a solemn day of memorial for those killed in the battle.{{Ref|name=Daggerfall|[[Daggerfall:Holidays|Events]] of [[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]}}<noinclude>
The events of the {{Lore Link|Warp in the West}} led to most of the forests in Ykalon being burned down.{{ref|name=WITW}}

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