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Notes: The skeever in the cellar is different from the skeever children can adopt.
* The Venomfang Skeever is encountered during the [[Skyrim:Dampened_Spirits|Dampened Spirits]] quest in [[Skyrim:Honningbrew_Basement|Honningbrew Basement]].
* Skeevers may be present in the [[Skyrim:Cellar|cellar]] addition to Hearthfire homes. Any NPCs that reside in your house may mention that they heard odd noises coming from the basement. [[Skyrim:BiterCellar#Notes|One of these skeevers]] is sometimes non-aggressive and may be spared to become a pet.{{HF}}* [[Skyrim:Adoption|Adopted]] male [[Skyrim:Child|children]] may also bring home and adopt a unique skeever, [[Skyrim:Biter|Biter]].{{HF}}
* It is said by the owner of [[Skyrim:The_Winking_Skeever|The Winking Skeever]] in [[Skyrim:Solitude|Solitude]] that skeevers weren't always as large as they are now.
* A [[Skyrim:Powers#Greater Power|greater power]] named [[Skyrim:Polymorph Skeever|Polymorph Skeever]] exists in game data which would have allowed you to transform into a skeever. However, the power is bugged and not found in the game.

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